Wow, it's been 4 years since I started my blog that is crayzee. I was looking back through my old posts to find my first one and work out exactly when I started it and my gosh so much has changed in 4 years, then I was a baby faces, very awkward and shy 15 year old and now look at me.
Technically my blogiversary is the 29th but I don't post on Wednesdays so hey! We're 4!

I was originally going to to a comparison between my posts four years ago and my posts now but then I realised how much has changed in a year, it's been a big year. And I think that a comparison post should be for a big year like 5 or 10 (If this place is still around then).

So back to my bloopers post and talking a about what a year it has been, I do these kind of reflective posts a few times a year with New Year and my Birthday and Blogiverssary and this one (in all of those posts I have said) has been massive. I travelled the world on my own, I started university, it's been a big scary wonderful one and I wouldn't change it for anything.

That awkward moment when you call down in a waterfall.
Getting stuck in a rock, super glamorous
And with my blog a lot has changed, I've switched over to ethical fashion, added a travel element, and focused a lot more on my writing and photography. I've also recently started to write for Love From Berlin and that is teaching me a lot. I think a lot more is going to change this year too, I don't have nearly enough time for all the posts I want to produce but I do know that I keep improving and have lots of thing I want to do, this blog is about travel, ethical fashion, and photography and I think I'm going to have a more focused approach to those things while also speaking about other topics I'm really passionate about.
Me n my bestie Oscar
Camera test shots = goffing around
I sound like I'm taking myself really seriously here but honestly I don't have many fashion photo bloopers purely because I take myself a whole lot less seriously now. I go out and take photos in public and I don't care. I use photos of me giglging and running around and looking silly so I basically don't have many bloopers (I mean I do have some otherwise this whole post would be pointless).
Feeling like a silly tourist looking ridiculous in bright yellow
How to pose-101
Trying to clean a cage while a tiny monkey decides to eat my clothing.
This year has been an especially amazing one and to everyone that's been involved, whether with my blog or in real life I have to say a big thank you to you guys! To Rae for including me as part of her team, for all the people I travelled with, to my friends at uni for making me feel so at home. And of course you guys who read my blog. I was looking through my old posts for a bit of nostalgia and I realised just how long some of you guys who still comment on my posts have been here! It's crazy and I love you guys for sticking here. and all you new people too, thank you for giving my little space a chance and reading my little part of the internet you're amazing. That soppy enough?
But seriously I'm getting a few opportunities with this space now and I am so so grateful and a lot of that is down to you guys coming to visit me, so thanks for that. Let's see what another 4 years can bring shall we?
Thanks for reading!