Just a warning that if you don't like spiders, or other bugs, then you probably shouldn't view any more of this post because there's quite a few photos of them in this post. I have a post here that's just sloths if you want though.
This is a bit of an inbertween post, I have a big piece coming next week about The Killing Fields, what I learnt there and how I grew more in a day than I ever remember,  and I also have a post about a cafe in Phnom pehn I visited but I didn't want to put them together with this post because they're very different posts so this is all the other things I did in Phnom Pehn.
So there aren't a ridiculous amount of pictures for this, but there is a longer video with all I got up to in Phnom Pehn so be sure to check that out (it's at the bottom of this post).

After leaving Siem Reap and driving a ridiculous amount of time we stopped off for lunch in this beautiful roadside cafe type thing,, that looked out over mud flats (?)  and felt a like a little piece of paradise. The food was good and the view was just surreal, perfect. Two of out tour ordered ants climbing up a tree which in the UK is a dish that just has pork in but this literally had ants in it. I mean this is Cambodia.
But before we got to Phnom Penh we stopped off at a little place called spider village. Cambodia is known for the fact that it's common to eat bugs, and spiders, they even farm them. And in spider village they have both live ones and ones ready to be eaten. So yep those are piled of fried spiders and other things I couldn't really identify.

Now as a vegan eating bugs is something that I am not really behind and only one guy on our tour actually had a spider, it was gross. But they did have lots of other food in the market we visited and we had these giant nectarine type things and i bought vegetable crisps, it was good.
Then we headed off to Phnom Penh. We arrived for the first place I'd had in aages with a pool and I was very happy about this, not so happy when I found out my room was on the eighth floor and there was no lift but hey exercise is good, and we had a really beautiful view of the city.
We got there late afternoon and everyone just hurried to the pool to catch the last of the sun before we headed out to dinner. Dinner was good, there was the fluffiest little puppy which was actually the cutest little fluffy bean oh my gosh. And the waitress tried to get us to try tarantula vodka which actually smelt like death and no one was brave enough to try it.

Then the next day we went to visit The Killing Fields and S21 and I learnt a lot of Cambodian history that I didn't really know much about before. And met two of the most inspiring people I ever have. Like I said I'll talk more about that in my next post.

After a fairly heavy and emotional morning we headed off for lunch, a place I will write about in two posts time, which was really good. It was quite upmarket western style food which was a nice little change. And then a few of us headed off to do some vintage shopping. The first place we went I bought a pair of trousers and a really nice skirt and thought that was my luck done for the day until the woman who owned the shop told us how to get to these Japanese recycling shop.
So basically these shops are full of donated clothes from Japan, a lot that are designer (though some it's debatable whether they are) and i was in heaven, these clothes were so cheap, they had a $0.50 bin and I just didn't know what to buy. Ended up with two full bags of pretty great quality second hand clothing for $7.50. With only one problem... I had no idea how I was going to fit all of this in my backpack and still had a month of my trip left. But I was gunna think about that later.
After that we headed back to soak up the sun by the pool and have a quiet dinner ready for an early start off to our next destination. Phnom Pehn was both exhausting and emotionally difficult and also rejuvenating, I loved it and would like to go back and explore more of it one day.

So that's it for my short story telling post of Phnom Pehn, I hope you liked it and will check out my video for more of a visual on it all. Thanks for reading and I will see you guys on Tuesday!
Thanks for reading!