Hello hello and welcome to a new little photography project of mine. I've seen people doing project 365s a lot in the last couple of years and I've always thought I wanted to but never thought I'd manage to do it but I have found a way.
Instead of doing it on my DSLR (which is hard to take everywhere) or my phone (which doesn't have the right feel to it) I've decided to take a picture everyday on compact cameras. Right now I'm using disposable ones but I'm looking into non disposable compact cameras.

This does mean that the photos are going to be late (like these are a month later) but I think that using film is so much more fun, rewarding and you learn a lot more. So this is my little project for this year.

Though I did have one problem with January's... less than half the photos came out. So I didn't realise that you basically have to use the flash for all your photos using Disposable cameras because they just aren't good in low light but hey, I've learn that now and that's part of the fun of using new techniques. So there's only 15 photos but that's better than none and I can confirm I did actually take a photo every day. the only disappointing thing is none of the photos of me and my school friends came out but I'm sure I'll be able to take more.
Dyed my hair red to start the year of
Revision Revision Revision (it paid off though)
Where I took these outfit photos,
met lots of dogs, v good day
Last meal with my Mumma before going back to uni,
Ikea Vegan meatballs are amazing
Of course the day we get back the fire alarm goes off
I have no idea what I was trying to take a picture of but what I did get was a picture of my finger.
Dunno why I have a picture of Georgie's feet, but I do
Some physics baes
Bus Home
We hadn't had hot water properly in like 4 days
This was a good shower
Playing sims all day instead of revising... oops

View from my window on a v sunny morning
More Physics Baes
The hall between my bathroom and bedroom
who knows why
Contemporary Art museum
No idea what happened to this photo but I like it
Glitter, glitter is important.

So those are all the photos that came out. They are all a bit weird, I took most of these in daylight or shop light and they mostly look like they've been taken in the dark. some came out super weird and it gives a kind of romantic nostalgic feel to things that only happened a month ago. I like that.

I also thought that these posts could be a chance to look back at the month and reflect. January was a month where I did very little, I spent a lot of days indoors revising, procrastinating, editing. I was quite lethargic, unmotivated, and drained for a lot of January but I got through it.

Good things that happened in January:
- Did three exams in one week, all without having a panic attack (big step)
- Got back into blogging twice a week
- Started exploring Nottingham more
- Dyed my hair myself, and made a ridiculous mess
- Learned some new recipes

And probably much more than that which I've forgotten.
I do remember how hard I found January but at the same time with these photos I can look back on it fondly, definitely glad I started this project and really I can keep it going.
January is a month that everyone seems to find tough and I'm happy to say that February is getting better. How was your January?

That's it for this Tuesday, I will see you for another travel post on Friday so stick around for that. 
Thanks for reading!