Yes, yes there is only one photo for this post and I will tell you a story as to why.

So I've been wearing this outfit a ridiculous amount lately, it's comfy af and the leggings match my hair, a win win. And so while I was back home for the weekend, which I rarely am, I was determined to go to the beach and take photos of this look because mermaids belong at the beach.

But a small problem is that I live on the outskirts of the wettest city in Britain... and you guessed it, it rained all weekend.

I got back from a lovely meal with my parents and decided, as it actually wasn't raining, to be brave and venture out in the freezing cold to take my pictures. I had so much hope. When I got to the beach it started spitting which was no big issue because a little bit of rain doesn't bother me, I'm used it it and so is my camera (which i once dropped lens first into a waterfall).

I set up and started with my test shots, making sure the focus would be right and my camera was doing it's thing and as soon as I was ready to take my hat and coats off and actually start, the downpour started.

I thought I'd be brave and try and take a photo, the only photo here, and then i realised that my camera was actually getting soaked so I got my umbrella, gathered all my stuff up and sat on the beach under my umbrella shielding my camera and myself from the rain. Yep I looked super silly, I was just sat huddled on the rocks under an umbrella in the middle of the beach. But I was determined to wait it out, I could see blue skies ahead and was going to wait for them.

So there I sat for about 20 minutes getting colder, wetter and a little grumpier until I finally clocked what direction the clouds were actually going in and realised the blue sky was moving away from me.  Not only that but the tide was coming in and it would only be another twenty minutes until i was being consumed by waves. Cold, wet, and with 101 other things to do that day I made a call to my Dad to see if he could drive me so I didn't have to walk thirty minutes home in the rain, already drenched.

I feel like I had a certain determination but you have to know when you're defeated. The rain may have cleared later but I was already freezing and wet so when it did eventually take my photos it wouldn't have been fun. Plus where I wanted to take when would have been under water. But that's what nature does sometimes. Sigh, these photos had so much potential.

However, as I'm not going to be back home, and therefore by the beach, for another 5 weeks I thought I would post this one lonely photo as an ootd and tell you my little story of determination. Gotta fail a little sometimes.

And overall I did have a lovely weekend home, there's a little vlog of my Saturday below as I thought I couldn't just leave you guys with one picture and a story for the post. So enjoy.
Thanks for reading!