Guess who's ill again? That's right it's me, well I've been ill for 6 months with my stomach but now I have more things wrong with me to add to that which is wonderful. I'm spending the day in bed yet again and I really just wish I could get on with my work and stop feeling guilty and pathetic even though there's no way I should be going into uni today. Ok that's my moaning done I'm moving onto the rest of this post which I promise will be a positive one.

These photos took me three different tries to get, it was my first time taking photos properly in public and I was a little bit scared. I always take photos on my own but usually find empty fields, alleyways or paths and move behind my camera when people walk past but this time I took photos in front of people. I've taken photos in Paris but those were in places that no one really no one really noticed I was there and I had a friend with me, so I don't count those so much.

 Jacket - Old  (Similar, similar)
Top - Old (similar)
Trousers - Vintage (similar)

 I got ready and was going to go out super early on a Wednesday morning to get them done and it was pouring it down with rain. I got on with my day and then wandered back to the spot after walking around the block 3 times trying to sum up the courage to get my camera out and pose while people walked past me... and after setting my tripod up I realised I had no memory card in my camera... So i walked back to my flat, grabbed my memory card had a quick biscuit break and went back to the spot yet again.
The whole way there I was working up the courage to take these photos and honestly it was difficult, I've been places before where people have walked past before I've been able to move out from in front of the camera and they do not always have the best reaction. And this set of photos was very in public, on a main road next to a busy crossing with people and cars there constantly. A great first location for public photos I think.
But it was third time lucky and I got some weird looks as I took my tripod out of my bag but I just pretended no one was there and carried on.
Once I'd gotten in front of the camera I honestly just felt so free, all this anxiety I'd had for the three years I've been taking blog photos that people were staring at me was just gone. I didn't care, people were walking past and looking, some people frowned and others smiled at this strange person with their camera but I did not care.
Honestly I just felt so content and didn't really care how the pictures came out because I did it. I didn't feel awkward and no one stopped and watched but I think part of that was because I was alone.

One guy did stop and ask me if the building I was standing in front of was being torn down but I just told him I honestly had no idea and he went on his way.
What a wonderful day it was, go me for doing this. first outfit photos taken in a new city (ok one I've been in for months but shh) and it was out in the open.
And then a few days later I was on the bus and a woman was like "I'm one of the Uni's photographers and I need some pictures of someone sat on a bus reading a book" so on my bus into uni I spent half of it having a little photoshoot. Bizzare but it was a nice change to my daily commute.
I hope you guys are having a lovely week, and treating yourself or your loved one this Valentine's day. Have a good one!
Thanks for reading!