So we're finally in a new country with blogging! I feel like I have been blogging about Thailand for a while now but it's finally time to move onto Cambodia, ok this post also includes some of Thailand because I didn't go straight from Chiang Mai I flew into Bangkok stayed a night there then crossed the border to Cambodia but still... a new country!

So I spent just over twelve hours in Bangkok and spent most of the day there in bed and meeting my new tour group, I went to one seven eleven and a restaurant so it's safe to say I didn't experience Bangkok so not much will be said about that. I do want to go back, no matter how many people who tell me they hate it I loved the look of all the skyscrapers and would love to just wander around for a few days doing street photography there.

But after meeting my new tour group it was a very early start to catch a bus to the Thai Cambodia border... oh I didn't miss the hecticness of 'yolo' tours. On the way we filled out forms for our visas, saw some monks going about their daily business of asking for food, visited the very pretty Cambodian embassy and spend a lot of hours in a minibus.

Then came the border cross... now I thought that the India to Nepal cross was horrible and this was worse, though for a completely different reason. When crossing the border we were being wolf whistled at, and grabed by homeless kids who would cry at us and not let go, then there was a huge queue on the cambodian side to get our passports stamped and I was really worried that I'd never see my bag again at several points that day.

Then we got onto a "government" bus that took us to the dogiest bus station I have ever seen with barely any people in, just a few weird older men, and I've since heard that this is a place where lots of tourists get scammed. But I was on an organised tour and so we just went there to catch our next bus.
Still I didn't like any of that experience, I would have been so scared if I'd been alone or just with friends and it just all felt really dodgy to be quite honest but it was an experience and I was ok! So that's all that matters.

Then a few more hours driving and we were finally in Siem Reap! Let the exploring begin. I don't feel like I took much of Siem Reap in but I did like it, this day was a little bit of a blur I will be honest.
But one we'd arrived at our hotel we got picked up by tuk tuks and drove through the red streets of Siem Reap (a lovely drive) to our place for dinner for the night. Here we got a tour from some local people of the area we were in and met the cutest cows I have ever met, not that I've met very many cows.
The dinner I had was one of the nicest I had in my whole two months of travelling, they had a few different dishes and had made loads of veggie dishes, I ate so much rice and so many beans I was just so full and so happy and really looking forward to Angkor Wat the next day (which is coming in the next post don't you worry).
But the fun didn't start there, oh no it was a very long and very lovely day. We went out to explore the night markets and see where the best clubs were for the next day. I bought a new t shirt that I wore basically every other day for the rest of my trip and saw just how much the Cambodians like eating insects and spiders (they really do they're everywhere).
It was a very eventful first day in Cambodia and a very long one so it was then a relatively early night ready to be up for Angkor Wat the next day. Which as I said is coming up in the next post so stay tuned next week for that.
This part of my travels was part of a Cambodia and vietnam trip by G Adventures (which I highly recommend) and you an view here.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!
Thanks for reading!