You guys probably don't know my blog schedule, but this post is late and though I don't have a reason other than I have an assignment due and did that and then went out Thursday night instead of edting a video Thursday was a really interesting day. And I am going to tell you about it because I just realised how bizarre it was and need to share (Then I will get on with talking about Chiang Mai a bit).

Thursday started off as a normal day, I got up and went into uni an hour and a half early to try and get some of my coding assignment done, went to my lectures, all pretty standard. Then it snowed a little bit which was cool but also not because I decided that wet look leggings were a good idea and they were too thin for the freaking cold.

And then the weirdness started,

 I got a lift back into the city from uni and the car in frint if us had an animal sticking out of the window, but it wasn't a dog or even a cat or, slightly weirder, a goat. No... it was a racoon.I live in the Uk. We don't have racoons.But here one was having a look round sitcking it's head out of someone's car window??? Just? It was amazing I loved it but I was very confused, I have a very bad picture here.

Got back home, while in uni had persuaded people to come out with me. I was being really lazy and so I decided to get Vodka from the Student Union shop instead of walking to Tesco to get my usual drink of choice, disaronno. Mistake. The last time I had Vodka, four months ago,  I wasn't very well. Plus vodka makes me forget.
My friends were late and so we only had an hour to get our pre-drink on before we went. I was finding my vodka cranberry hard to drink and so decided to drink what was left of the disaronno bottle I had left. Good choice. Then I decided to have a few tequila shots. Bad Choice. Then we got to the club and I still felt quite sober, plus my friends owed me money for tickets, so they bought me two jager bombs each, I had six jager bombs in total. Very Bad choice.

Now you probably think you know where this story is going but no I didn't vomit, I kept it in. But long story short my mate got punched in the face... twice, (and we don't know why) so we left the club to go eat and I somehow managed to split my lip open and make my new septum piercing bleed. A lot. And I didn't even remember how I split my lip until about an hour ago, all I remembered was a lot of blood and then eating chips. But I didn't get into a fight or do anything exciting or reckless, no,  I walked face first into a glass door. My friend still doesn't remember this. I also

More could of happened but I'll be honest I really don't remember a lot of my night. Moral of the story, Izzy shouldn't drink Vodka. And also don't mix four different types of spirits together. This hangover is actually death.

But anyway away from me being a bad influence and complete pillock and onto a lot more of a relaxing time in Chiang Mai.

So after I spent two weeks at ENP I had a few days in Chiang Mai to just chill. In my first few days in Chiang Mai explored temples and did lots of shopping and watched a lot of TV but this time I was at Eco resort so there was a pool and I wasn't in the dead centre of Chiang Mai so I did some exploring.
Most of these photos are from the second day where I went for a little walk round the neighborhood my Hotel was in. It was a beautifully sunny day and honestly the buildings and everything around me were so my style, like this phone box, amazing colours. And there was s much greenery everywhere.
I only walked around for an hour or two because it was hoot and also there was a pool at my hotel I wanted to go and lie by some more before my next hectic tour.
So basically all I did for three days was a little bit of an explore, a lot of eating and also slept by the pool. It was bliss and I want to go back. just for these three days all over again. But I'd also love to explore Chiang Mai more it's one of my favourite cities.
 Seriously if you're in Chiang Mai go stay at eco resort! It's a bit out the centre but you can get Tuk Tuks in or walk (it's a beautiful walk) and there's a pool. I stayed in a room with a roomate and it was just super nice

Aand if you want to see more I have a vlog below! There's a lot o walking round Chiang Mai and eating and yeah it's chill.

A contrast to my last few days that's for sure :')
See you guys on Tuesday!
Thanks for reading!