I wasn't going to use these photos in a post, I'll be honest. Though I love this look and have worn it on a few nights out I just didn't feel like I looked like myself.
I took these photos days after redying my hair and I wasn't used to it yet (though my hair is not about fourteen different colours ranging from red to blue) and my expressions were off and my body shape and size also looks off in this set of photos. I mean I don't have a problem with looking bigger because my body shape and size doesn't define my worth but it still just all doesn't quite feel like me.

But that's partly why I'm posting it, I mean it still is me and I did go to a lot of effort to take these photos so damn it I will use them!

Seriously though you know you're in trouble when you're cold even before you take your coat, scarf and hat off to start taking photos. Another very good plan of mine to be out taking photos of outfits not designed for zero degrees.

And I talked in my last outfit post about how difficult I find January and it seems that everyone else does too, but February is already off to a good start, I'm getting myself motivated to do more and exciting things are happening (some I do have to keep a secret).

I'm finding things to do in my area, I've been out taking photos for the first time in my new city (I've been here like four months but shhh), we have our house sorted for next year, I'm getting into the rhythm of friendships and sort of getting into the rhythm of work... or just not doing it.
But things are getting better considering the mess that was November before I went back home and January when I've been back in uni.
 Shirt - Cow Vintage
Trousers and Boots - Charity Shop
I also feel like I'm in a good place with this blog, I'm starting to get into my niche (As cliche as that sound) and writing posts I've wanted to for a very long time, like my last one, I'm working with other bloggers and have found groups I like, It's all clicking into place.
Now I just need my immune system to do some work so I can stop getting ill. It's not all bad though being ill today means I get an excuse to spend all day in bed editing and watching films and sending ugly snapchats to my friends.
So things are looking up and I'm very happy about that though I might think differently when I get my maths exam results back. But seriously I am looking forward to the rest of this month, this year and I hope that you guys have a fulfilling February too.

Also as I've started blogging about ethical fashion more now is there any posts yuo guys would like to see from me? Or on other things like cruelty-free makeup, vegan food, conscious travel, or even photography? Let me know, I have so many ideas but it'd be nice to write things you guys want to read.
Thanks for reading!