I've probably fooled you with the title into thinking this a travel post, or about drugs, but it is not. This post is a bit of a life update, but it's mainly just pictures of cats. At the end of my glorious (and essentially year long) summer I went on lots of little trips to see friends, family, and out to take photos and appreciate the last of my, responsibilityless, do whatever the hell I want year. And appreciate it I did. I also met lots of cats and I felt the need to edit and post the pictures so that's what this post is about.
And i know it's been a while since I last posted, moving to uni means I haven't yet found a schedule and time for blogging. The first few weeks I felt a constant need to socialise and make friends and I'm now starting to settle down and not feel the need to be around people 24/7, plus most of my flatmates are away for the weekend so i don't look weird enjoying a weekend sat in my room on my laptop (I really really am enjoying it). I've also been hit by like 3 different kind of freshers flu, pretty sure I have another one coming and in the last few weeks have barely been able to get into lectures. I've ended up getting back and crawling into bed, hence why I also haven't done any editing.
And now I'm in procrastinate mode so I'm probably going to queue posts for the next month while avoiding doing any kind of work.
But I'll get back to the cats because let's be honest as soon as I said cat pictures you were distracted from what I was typing and just wanted to see that.

I said this would be a bit of a life update and I feel the need to talk about current life so there's going to be that in this post too. Alternatively you can just look at the cat pictures, I won't blame you they are quite distracting.
 I'm definitely enjoying uni but it is hard work starting a physics degree, along with moving out, being surrounded by strangers and being really ill for like weeks on end. I'm loving most of it and I'm definitely going to stay and get my degree but a big part of me wants nothing more than to ditch all this and go back to the care free life I was living just 3 months ago. Working and travelling and editing and just enjoying myself pretty much 24/7.
Don't get me wrong large parts of last year were actually kinda lonely and it's a nice change to have people round all the time but apart from a few weeks before I went on big trips I was never stressed out about anything and now that's just my constant state of being.
But I want a physics degree so I'm going to have to buckle up and get on with it. Yay for learnin'.
I just need to get my confidence to go out and take photos and videos again because that's what I enjoy doing. Not spend all my time in bed, but to be honest I've had an excuse the last few weeks, and before getting sick I felt like I had to be out drinking all the time which I've realised I don't enjoy that much. Ok I enjoy it a lot but like once every two weeks, it takes me  4 days to recover from the tiredness a night out seems to cause and if I'm out every other day I never feel alive (and I like feeling alive). Apparently not everyone gets as tired as me as easily as me, they're very lucky.
I'm just going to deal with being called boring and do what makes me happy,  and being hungover makes me the complete opposite of happy so there's that.
So I'm gunna accept the fact that I'm putting myself through then hell of education again and make the most of it while I'm here. It's only three years if it does turn out to be hellish again and at the end of it I'm going back to doing whatever I want again.
And I realise at this point I haven't talked about any of my happy little trips that this post was about. Firstly I spent a week catsitting for my sister which as you can imagine was bliss, I had so many plans to go take photos and explore Manchester but i binge watched netflix and played stardew valley with a cat on my lap instead.
Then I went up to London to visit my friend Lara who was over from Germany. It was very spontaneous and a super nice day which I should do more of. We just ate and shopped our way round Camden lock and then i get to see my aunt and her cat. Glorious.
And then there was finally being home for once, which was pure bliss, I felt no pressure to do anything. I just edited and went on long walks and took photos and planned stuff. Oh and slept there was a lot of sleep. After having been away and back and away and back and life being a bit chaotic (but definitely in a very good way) for 6 months it was great to just chill out and worry about nothing for a month or two.
So this turned into more of a reflective, reassuring myself/venting post which I didn't intend but hey it's something I apparently needed to get out. I'm not miserable, don't worry, this post is quite sarcastic in parts and yes I do want to be back on a beach in Costa Rica or throwing buckets of water over an elephant in Thailand right now rather than thinking about the lab report I have to write but who wouldn't?
And maybe I'll just live as cheap as possible so I can use the remainder of my student loan to go and do that all over again this summer. I mean I travelled for a total of four months last year and I have a three month summer so I can basically do it all over again aand get a degree... that's totally possible.
Ok I'm going to stop rambling now and actually do my lab report instead of procrastinating it with cat pictures. Hopefully I'll find the time to edit my post and video for this Friday but if not I'm sure I'll be back again soon. I will finish all my travel posts even if it takes until the next time I'm travelling. I mean I hope it does in the way that I travel sometime soon but hey.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed and Happy November!
Oh also I finally edited my moving to uni video which is below, so enjoy.

Thanks for reading!