This post is part of a new series on my blog called "people doing amazing things" which celebrates people making the world a better place.
Our first stop in Pokhara was to an organisation called Sasane, where we were taught to make Momos. Momos are traditional Nepali dumplings and they're also amazing. 
SASANE is an organisation with centres in Pokhara and in Kathmandu which helps human traffiking victims to become paralegals, to help get their lives back, build a career and help other human trafficking victims. And while there they taught us about their organisation, the work they do, taught us how to make momos and made us lunch.

Momos are made in two different ways, in a moon shape and a flower shape, both require you being able to use your fingers which I'm not that great at, but I did manage to make some all right little dumplings.
Luckily one of the girls there was on hang to tell me where to squeeze and pinch when i was utterly confused and seem to have forgotten I had hands.
 As I said above, human trafficking is a huge problem in Nepal. Young people and adults alike go missing every single day, most of whom end up in human trafficking. The problem is especially prevalent among young girls who are often sold into the sex trade. Many young girls are taken or bought into Nepal and then trafficked into neighbouring countries like India with as many as 150,000 to 250,000 Nepali girls trafficked in India brothels each year*. And sadly, the younger the girl the more they sell for.
Some girls are even sold by their families who are low on money in a country when women's rights is not prevalent. Many young girls do not realise what's happening to them until it's too late.
 But there are people trying to do something about it, and SASANE are one organisation working to try and change things, They work to rehabilitate girls and help them achieve their dreams. They mainly help to train women in their programme to become paralegals so that they have a career, a future and a way to help other people who have been through similar things.
They also help to provide an education, including English skills to many girls who may have missed out on their education due to being trafficked.
 But they don't just work to help victims, they also want to raise awareness and stop more young women and girls' becoming victims. So they started school and community outreach programmes where they educate young people about human trafficking to try and reduce the problem.
We got here after a rather squashed 12 hour minibus ride and honestly I wasn't looking forward to it after that but it was a lovely afternoon out the balcony you could see over the Annapurna mountain range and we had a wonderful lunch, plus now I know how to make momos. Wonderful.
I want to say a sorry for being a bit lackluster on everything, there was no Tuesday post and I haven't been on social media (apart from my twitter) but it's because I started Uni on Firday and freshers is currently destroying me a little bit. I'm having fun but it's hard finding time to edit and write. I'm getting back into it and have a lot of posts planned plus a load of videos for my main YouTube finally. It's all go but trying to balance it with an astrophysics degree could be hard, I'm looking forward to it all though!
 If you want to know more about SASANE you can check out their website here. They have schemes where you can go and volunteer to help out and teach English with them in Nepal if that's something that interests you.
Thanks for reading!