Long time (ish) no see. Just over a week isn't too bad but I am going to try and get back into twice a week posting soon. Autumn is starting to make me super duper tired but I'm determined to push through.
Today's post is from probably one of my favourite cities, one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I'm in love with Nepal and I'm so in love with Pokhara, I knew from when I got there that two days just wasn't going to be enough and it wasn't. So I hope I can return to this stunning city soon.
Despite only being there two days we did an awful lot and I didn't take that many pictures. But I did video a lot so watch my vlog at the end if you want to see just why I love Pokhara so so much.

 Our trip there was bumpy to say the least. A twelve hour ride in a full mini bus isn't something to be desired but going anywhere in Nepal takes quite a lot of time. It was made interesting my the fact that it was pouring down with rain and the mountains above us had avalanches coming down but we survived that. Then we had toilet breaks in slightly treacherous places a little too close to the edge of steep drops but hey what's life without a bit of risk. I don't really want to risk falling off a mountain on my way to pee though
And about 2 hours out we stopped at a small town and our guide bought us momos and everyone was in a brighter mood. Momos make everything better.
 So when we got into Pokhara we went to a Momo making class with an organisattion called sasane, for which I have a blog post here; and from there I knew I'd love Pokhara. We were on the roof overlooking a tiny city with multi coloured buildings, greenery everywhere and surrounded by mountains. I was pretty much in heaven, if there had been a beach I think I would be in my actual idea of heaven.
We got there and ate, had a walk round and visited the most beautiful lake I've ever seen, did a bit of shopping and had a few drinks before a pretty early night ready for out usual 4:30 am start. For sunrise. Which we didn't see.
I will say it was worth getting up just to go to go up for the views even if they were cloudy. And I got a shot of a guy who just decided to stand right in front of everyone looking in the opposite direction to the view. This is the only picture I got of the "sunrise".
Then it was time for the real run. Paragliding. We almost didn't get up there to do it because the weather was super cloudy and not paragliding worthy but the cloud cleared and I was the first one to go.
I wasn't excpecting to have to put so much effort into the take of I literally had to sprint my way off a very tall hill, mountain? I don't know, either way, I was very high up and I had to run off the edge. But the effort was worth it because I don't think I've been more chilled out in my life. It's both relaxing and adrenaline inducing which is an odd but perfect combination. and there's something about just floating around in the air in one of the most beautiful places that just feels right. Afterward I had both an adrenaline rush and a feeling of complete serenity. Plus I made friends with an adorable calf while I waited for my friends to paraglide so I was in a very happy place.
The pictures aren't that amazing because they're stills from a gopro video but I think you can still appreciate the experience from them
Then the day cleared up and it was beautiful. We did more shopping, had lunch and went for cocktails before deciding that getting on a lake in a rowing boat whilst a little bit drunk was a good idea. I mean it was a brilliant idea that meant us shouting at each other and crashing into things for the hour we were out there (not my fault, I refused to row on account of the fact I'd probably kill us all). It was weirdly wonderful. I didn't take many pictures of this because I was worried about dropping my camera in the water and I was videoing us crashing into things which I'm very glad I did because the videos are great to look back on.
 So that was our brief stay in Pokhara. I need to go back, and soon. If you get the chance to go stay more than two days but if it's before I go back don't rub it in.
But seriously Nepal is such a beautiful country and if you get the chance to visit then you should, so many local people I met were so happy I was there. Nepal relies heavily on the tourist industry and since the earthquake tourism has dropped by around 60%. It's a beautiful place with some of the loveliest people and it's not on many people's bucket lists but it should be. It's still on mine and I've already been.
But that's Pokhara, I could go on and on about how beautiful it is and how much I love it but I think you guys get the idea. I have a video below if you want to see more of this amazing city and my paragliding. Enjoy.

Hopefully I'll see you guys again on Tuesday but if not I'll be back again asap.
Thanks for reading!