Today's post is shorter than a lot of my others, the last and next post were too long to add it to and I really wanted them on their own so this one is too. It's kind of two half days stitched together, and I guess a lot did happen as we Passed from India to Nepal (one of the sweatiest experiences of my life) and visited Buddha's Birthplace. Then on the way to our next destination (which I will talk about in my next blog post) we stopped off at one of the most beautiful places I'e ever had lunch in. I was so so excited for Nepal and this really confirmed to me that I was going to love it in Nepal, which I did.
So crossing the Border from India wasn't exactly my idea of fun, but it was an experience. First off we took a train to the last station in Inida; which happens to also have the longest platform in the world. On waiting for our bus there a crowd of Indian men stood round us and stared for a good twenty minutes while we waited; but that's what happens in non-touristy areas of India.
Then we took a bus to the border and the sweat started, this bus had no air conditioning and it was ok when we were going quite fast but not still. It was a beautiful ride, we stopped on the way for lunch and then made it towards the border. We passed hundereds and hundreds of trucks all of which were just waiting to go across the border and I can only assume it would take them days to actually get across.
We headed to the Indian Embassy to get stamped out, loaded all of our big bags on a rickshaw and headed off four our km walk across the border (which isn't as long as it sounds). The sweatstorm continued as we were walking in the heat of the day and then ew were in Nepal! And had to get out visas and fill in immigration papers, outside. My arm kept getting stuck to the papers and again, sweat storm. Not the most pleasant experience but an experience.
And then it was onto an air- conditioned (thank you v much) mini bus onto our hotel about 5 minutes from the border.

 The next morning we were off to Lumbini which is where Lord Buddha was born. As excpectied it was a really chilled out place (like Sarnath) with ruins from where Buddha is rumored to have taken his first steps on earth and a body of water where his mother first bathed; now full of adorable terrapins.
It's a little bit of a strange place, the surrounding area but I'm really glad I went. The more Buddhist monuments and temples I visited the more I felt connected to the Philosophy of Buddhism and the more I wanted to learn. I think that visiting places like this really helped me to improve as a person over the course of my trip.
 It was a short trip to Lumbini and we were off again, through the wetlands of Nepal and here I could really start to appreciate the beauty of the country. All the pictures I'd seen of Nepal were becoming reality and I was so in awe. The place we stopped for lunch was at the side of the road and didn't look like much until you went out back, then you were sat on a balcony overlooking the forest below and it was stunning. Plus the food was amazing which made it all the better, most people I met said that they were sick of Dahl Baht by the time they left Nepal but I never did get sick of it, give me rice, vegetables and dahl any day of the week and I'll be happy. Nepal is definitely vegan friendly.
Also if anyone knows where to get the  tomato spicy stuff they always put with Dahl let me know, it's what got me hooked to spicy food and I just want it in my life again. But do be warned if you have Dahl when I say that stuff is spicy I mean it is damn spicy, especially to those not accustomed to spice.
So a short and sweet little hello to Nepal, and I have a video below which shows more the border crossing and travel side to this part of my trip.

And this trip was part of an India-Nepal trip with G Adventures which you can view and book for yourself here.
Thanks for reading!