It's a dreary Welsh day and the tide is the furthest out I've seen it in Years. As I made my way down to the shore crunching over rocks, avoiding stepping on the closed anemones and the patches of mud I could've help noticing how at home I felt.
I was wandering around with my camera, like I often do, and I realised just how calm and at home beaches makes me feel; especially this beach.
In a few days I make the a leap, that I am more than ready for, and move away from home to Uni. Now the Uni I'm going to doesn't have a beach nearby and I'm sure I'll miss this place. Maybe my idea of home will change after a while but I'm not going to worry or think about that too much. All I know is that beaches make me feel at home, this beach feels like home.
I guess that it's just been a place I've always ended up. It's a place I end up a lot with friends but pretty much any time I go for a walk I end up here, and it's probably the furthest away from my house you can get in my town. But no matter what I'm feeling or why I've gone for that walk the beach makes me feel at ease, it makes me forget all my problems.
I mean the sound of the ocean is a soothing one for most people. But there's something about being sat up high overlooking a the beach and the sea that makes all my problems seem small. I sit and think about how the sea just keeps on going out of the Bristol channel and joins up with the oceans covering the rest of the world. I look up at the stars at night, listening to the waves, and think about how incomprehensibly big the universe it. It makes me, and my problems, seem so small and I realise there's really nothing to worry about.
Now I'm moving to a city without a beach nearby to study the Universe. Maybe that will make all my problems seem small instead.
All beaches make me feel somewhat at home though, whether it's a beach in Cornwall in the rain, a beach in Costa Rica where I'm getting brunt to a crisp or a beach in Vietnam I'm going snorkelling at. I'm never happier than when I'm by the sea. I guess it also makes me feel like I can go anywhere, there's no land in the way I can just jump in the water and swim and swim and make it to the other side of the world if I tried, or jumped on a boat.
That's probably why all the countries I want to live in in the future are Islands, or countries that have a lot of coast line. I can't see myself in a landlocked country it just feels claustrophobic.  I feel free by the sea.
But I feel the best on a slightly dreary beach, one that's covered in pebbles, has water you can't see your feet in, and looks a bit grey, and on a day that's equally as grey. I find beauty in grey and I don't really know why.
I mean of course calm days where the sky is beautiful hues of pinks, purples and blues that turns the sea into something that looks like a dream I love it. But I guess I know that life isn't always like that and though I marvel at it and appreciate the immense beauty while it's there I like the beauty of the everyday too, it's more realistic.
Yeah, my little beach is a beautiful one, even if other people don't agree with me. There's almost a whole tree stuck under the pier and I love wondering how it was dragged up there by the sea; where the random wheel that's now covered in tiny little limpets came from; how big the wave must have been that cracked the top of the old bunker.
 And I love the days on it where I get my foot stuck in the mud just as much as days on a tropical beach with crystal clear waters. I love days spent concentrating so hard on stepping on the flat rocks and searching for fossils that you forget you had any problems. I love days spent, sat, getting windswept and splashed by the waves because I'm just too content to move.
And I hope I find a place somewhere else in the world that makes me feel the way my beach does when I go for a 3 am walk and sit in the dark just listening to the ebb and flow of the waves.  But none will be quite the same.
Thanks for reading!