As with many of my photosets I set out with an idea to shoot one style of photos and came out with a completely different set. Though I'm happy with my set and in the end had fun shooting this. I really should plan out my taking photos more but most of the time I just say "lets go" and grab my camera stuff and set out to a place. It tends to look different in my mind to in real life and then I have to re think all my ideas but that's part of the fun I guess.
 On another note I'm happily back to meeting cats when i go out and take photos. It used to happen every time and it's been a while since I've made any cat friends. The little one today even followed me and demanded more attention, so cute.
I also ended this photo taking session with very muddy knees, you'll see why.

Yep, falling over in a field is how I spend my time, I like this set of fields because not many people walk through and you can always hear them before they can see you. I'm not as shy as I used to be but still a me with my blue hair stood in a field with her camera is weird enough let alone if I starting taking pictures of myself face planting the ground.
Ok it wasn't as painful as it sounds I went to my knees and then my face went to the ground. My knees did start to hurt after a while but fear not, no Izzy's were hurt in the making of this blogpost.
In other news my hair is starting to fade really nicely. Not to say I didn't like the colour before but it's starting to get icy blue with whiter streaks in it which I'm loving. And using lilac shampoo seems to be working to keep the colour it's not been a month and my hair is still pretty vibrant.
I like that I accidentally created a bit of a story-line within this. Speaking of story-lines I have a photo-set that I've been thinking about for over a year now (well I only just remembered I thought about it before) so I might have something cool coming up soon. That'll be fun.
Anyways I hope you're enjoying your week and enjoyed this post, I should be on my way back from London when this is published so I hope I had a good time there. I'm sure I did.
Thanks for reading!