Most of the time my photo taking doesn't go to plan, and here is an instance where it really really didn't go to plan. I was going for a minimal weird look and well, it just wasn't right. Me and the dress at the angle just wasn't working at all. I managed to get a few shots but the rest are just a big no.
Buut the lesson here is even if things go wrong you can still make a blog post about it! Well really it's that things are still salvageable and workable but, and also experimentation doesn't always go to plan.
I took these photos quite a while ago and since then have gotten better at the whole minimal thing, though I can't really recreate this set again as I now have a bed frame rather than a mattress on the floor.
So there's another lesson, you need practice, and sometimes your first try is really crap, or just meh. Either way getting good at something takes bucket loads of time.
On a side note walking in heels on a mattress is almost impossible I don't know how I didn't break my ankle.

Speaking of practice I did improve a lot in my video making over the course of the time I was away, but editing my first video is going painfully, really painfully. But it'll get easier, especially when i have new video editing software which I am suuper duper excited for!!
Also if you're wondering what the cut out in the wall is it's the door to the attic. Slightly spooky.
Anyways that's it for today, I'll see you on Friday for my first travel post from India, so stick around for that!
Thanks for reading!