The first instalment of my travels is here! It all started in Delhi, which when I first got there the pollution was what struck me, or rather my lungs. It was so hazy and busy as expected. The taxi I got from the air port was a taxi for women by women which I think is an excellent idea, I haven't felt safer in a taxi before (and I think it's only my second time being driven by a female taxi driver).

 So to start with in Delhi we went to visit the India Gate, Palace and government buildings. I was very jet lagged and not used to taking videos and filming on the go so there aren't too may photos of Delhi. But as you'd expect with India it was a little overwhelming especially when your body is 4 and a half hours behind.
 The next day it was a four thirty am start to catch a very long train ride to Pushkar. The train was pretty nice and oh my gosh train breakfast in India is amazing. I had it two or three times in the time I was there and it was my favourite breakfast. You get these potato croquette sort of things with bread and ketchup and free water and it's all wonderful.
After the pretty chill train ride we "just had to drive through a mountain" (to quote my tour guide) and we were in Pushkar, which is a pretty chill place in low season. It's not massive, there's not many tourists and it's a Hindu holy town, because of it's holy lake, which means no alcohol and no meat which meant finding food was very easy for me.
 India does like their sweets. First we tried sugar cane juice, which is waay too sweet for me, and then we tried these deep fried sugar things which are beautiful and I need to remember the name for them so I can get them again in my life.
 And for the afternoon it was a camel ride through the desert to go and watch a show put on by the locals. The camel ride was the bumpiest ride of my life and I did feel pretty guilty about it, but the camels were well fed and looked after so it wasn't a terrible decision. Plus I got views I would never have been able to get otherwise.
After an hour ride on these camels my legs had gone almost completely numb, but that was also cool because we just went and watched magic and dance shows by the people living in the desert area here and ate some really really good food. We also tried on local dress and danced but I'm trying to forget that happened because we all just looked (and felt) completely ridiculous.
And on the ride back to our hotel (in a car) our driver stopped in the middle of nowhere and left us for about half an hour without telling us where he'd gone. Which was slightly horror movie-esque but we did survive, he came back.
The next day it was another beautiful 4:30 am start so we could walk up 600 steps up Ratnagiri Hill. My asthma wasn't my friend that day but I did make it, last, up the hill panting a lot. The view and watching the monkeys as the sun rose was totally worth it though.
Then we visited the Brahma temple which was super beautiful, went shopping and explored a bit more. 
 And this is a not great picture of a Sikh temple but not only was it beautiful inside, when we came out this man and his wife came up to me and my friend who were there and started trying to explain something to us in English, which they didn't speak very well, and well neither of us spoke Hindi. But it turned out that this guy was the temple's care taker and that he was super super happy we were there. Him and his wife wanted pictures with us and they were so lovely. I guess as Pushkar is a Hindu holy town they don't get many tourists.
Pushkar was just so chilled out, well compared to the rest of India I visited. And it was so nice going round seeing all the cows and goats and pigs chilling knowing they're not going to be eaten soon. Weirdly though there were a lot of leather shops around which I didn't quite understand but you can't have everything.
So that's it for this first India travel post, in the next one I'm off to Jaipur so come back next Friday for that. Though my next post is on Tuesday so watch out for that too.
I do have a vlog below of the trip if you want to see more of what went on, including the food I was eating so enjoy. And this was from an India to Nepal trip by G Adventures which you can see here.

Thanks for reading!