So I'm back from my two month trip across South East Asia! And starting to edit my pictures and videos.. and I do mean just started... barely. I've been back over a week but to be honest I've been asleep for most of it, and I'll probably leave the bulk of my editing until I'm back from Norway in about two weeks time. Buut I did manage to get this post sorted, just in time to be posted on the right day. 
So I'm starting with a little summary of my trip though photos of me travelling as that's what a bulk of my trip was,. It wasn't just new cities, beaches, and villages it was a whole lot of transport. That's is half the fun of travelling anyway and, in my experience, where you also get half your sleep.
The pictures are a bit messy, a lot I didn't even bother to straighten, but so is travelling. Especially when you're me, people who have travelled with me will confirm. 
A large portion of my photos are from my time in India which was my first stop. As time went on I spent less time in small cars, rickshaws, and tuk tuks and more time on trains and busses which are more awkward to take photos on and a lot easier to fall asleep in. 
I've put little captions under the pictures as to where I was so enjoy!
Hello India

"We just have to pass through a mountain and we're there" there being Pushkar
A biit of a bumpy ride, Pushkar
Into Jaipur
Off to dinner... in a garage. Jaipur
Off to Amber Fort
Off to the Taj Mahal
Rickshaw ride through Varanasi
Stuck in Traffic
Way to Chitawan, Nepal
Cycling through Chitawan
Searching for alligators
Rhino "tracking"
Rainy Mountain pass to Pokhara (avalanches included)
Out of Kathmandu (thank you)
Trek Day two, somewhere near the Himalayas, my legs hate me
Off to cut corn, Northern Thailand
Hello Bangkok
On the way to one of the greatest meals, Siem Reap
Driving through Phnom Phen
The Day my Go Pro broke, Sihanoukville
Off to the Floating Markets, Mekong River
To a fishing village, Nha Trang
Hai Van Pass
Boat trip in Halong Bay, the 20 minutes I was awake for
Goodbye Vietnam
Searching for Thrift shops in Hong Kong
So that's that, well for this post. There are a loot more to come, I have a lot of stuff to write about. But that can wait for now.
And I also have a new blog schedule, every Tuesday will be my normal posts, whether that's outfit stuff, or me babbling on about life. And then every Friday will be a post about my travels, these ones, the ones in Norway, more to come in the future. So stick around for that stuff.
Also very exciting is that my blog is getting a re-vamp sometime soon. It needs a bit of a change, especially as I'm changing to ethical fashion blogging, so that's coming soon too. So exciting!
Anyway I should go start getting ready for Norway. I'll see you guys on Tuesday. Have a good weekend.
Thanks for reading!