Now I've always been someone who doesn't really judge what other people are doing. I've always just sat back and gone “well if they’re living their life and that makes them happy it’s none of my business”. And I do think that still, in most ways.
But as I've started becoming more aware of my impact on the world, whether that be through the clothes I wear being made at sweatshops or the treatment of animals in the dairy and meat industry or the impact of plastic on the environment. I've started to change my behaviour and attitude. Which I am proud of (though I'm far from perfect at any of it, it’s a start).

Unfortunately though, this has left me a liiittle judgy. And by that I mean quite a lot. I’ve lost respect for people I used to admire and I’m finding myself becoming a little bit of an judgy pushy vegan. Only on the inside though (I mean I hope).

But this kind of thinking is really eating away at me, I’m starting to become a person I really don’t want to be. Yes I would love it if other people started to change their attitudes and look at the way they consume. But me being really judgemental and negative about them (whether just on the inside or outright) isn't going to mean they’re going to change. I can still enjoy a person’s style, creativity, wittiness and all the rest of it even though they don’t have the same ideals as me.

I haven’t been thinking like this for long, and honestly I’ve been around a lot of people recently who have very strong opinions they like everyone to know about. I just need to try and make sure that doesn’t rub off on me, because it’s not the type of person I want to be. I’m not blaming them though, they’re free to talk how they want, but I let it affect the way I interact with people which isn’t good.
I’ve always grown up with an attitude of wanting to have a positive impact on the world, or at least the little world around me. But the way to do that is to be open and understanding, to educate and let people make their own decisions. It’s not about forcing opinions on people. Not judgmental, negative or (in some cases I’ve seen) just plain rude.
The Dali Lama has changed lives, he’s changed the world around him and it wasn’t be being bitter and judgemental. He is open, warm, kind and respects that everyone in the world is just trying to find happiness. Ok that may have seemed a rather random tangent but I’m sat with a copy of The Art of Happiness on the shelf next to me.
And ok a lot of people may disagree with me, I have a few close friends who definitely would. But this is about my own happiness.
I also think I’m projecting feelings of myself onto other people. I don’t feel like I did enough in the past to change my attitude and I’m trying to make up for it. Well maybe, but either way the past is the past. I am here now and trying me best, I slip up, I make mistakes, I do really stupid things sometimes but I’m human and need to stop being so harsh on myself. To get good at anything in life you need practice, you’re not going to know everything over night. It’s ok to slip up.

So that’s it basically this post was just a note to self to reign in my judgment and just chill the fuck out. It’s exhausting living a life being negative, so just change that attitude, be positive and be happy.

Now onto the photos in this post. i had a loot of fun taking these, running round the roof of a multi storey car park is surprisingly fun. Plus I got to see Cardiff from a different angle (not as good as the view from Jacob's market but still). Though there are no pictures of my face because it was so bright-I don't usually shoot in the middle of the day- and I looked confused in most of the photos of my face due to squinting.
Edit; I am happy to say that between writing this post and it being posted I have changed my attitude a lot, and am being a lot less judgy of other people and more accepting of my own limits and flaws too, so I hope this improvement continues.
Thanks for reading!