It's the Fourth Costa Rica instalment  and it's time to start talking about some of the time I spent out of the rescue centre, and all that jazzy fun stuff. As part of the volunteering you had one day off a week (though you could take more if you really wanted) so for my first two weeks this trip was my two days off and eight of us decided to spend a night in Jaco. It was so nice to get out and go to the beach, and also to have a night out, which was definitely an experience in itself.
We stayed at a Hostel called Beds on Bohio which was super nice, so keep reading for more about that and Jaco itself.

Ok so Jaco isn't exactly the nicest town or beach in Costa Rica, it's quite touristy and not raniforesty or absolutely stunning. But it was the closest one to the centre and it still had a beach, surf, shops and a night-life so there's definitely no complaints. For me a night was enough, it's a good place to stop on route to somewhere else in Costa Rica and most of the people I met while I was in Costa Rica had been to Jaco for a night or so but it's not really a place to say for your whole trip; unless you just want to lie on the beach all day every day. Everyone I met that had been here had a chill time though.
I did get ridiculously burnt though, which was fun. I mean being a pale pale white person it happens a lot but I was actually wearing suncream... that got rubbed off by my bad so not only did I have sunburn it was in big bag strap marks. Lavely.
Though on the way in the taxi we did see crocodiles which was super duper cool they were so freaking huge. it was funny because you had to pay if you wanted to get out of the taxi to go look at the crocodiles yet you could still see them if you were sat in a car driving over the bridge anyway. The things they try and charge you for in Costa Rica (more like Costa lot).
The hostel we stayed at was called Beds on Bohio and it really had a very chilled out surfer vibe to it. There was a restaurant attached to it which did some damn good food, plus a bar next door who we got free drinks from for staying at the hostel.
We got a room with Air Conditioning which cost a bit more but it's worth it in Jaco because it's ridiiculously hot. I mean it was always hotter than the rest of Costa Rica (ok not the whole rest but yanno)  most of the time there and I don't think we would've coped without it. But even that only cost us $12 a night, plus with the free drinks it was definitely worth it.
We didn't really take advantage of the facilities but they had bike hire, surf board hire and booked people on trips to the waterfalls and ziplines nearby. I mostly just utilised the hammocks as when we checked out on the second day (feeling very hungover) I just spent my day asleep in one of them. Nobody there seemed to care that I spent my day asleep in a hammock though, my kind of place.
If you're looking for somewhere else in Jaco I've also heard that Buddha House is really nice, it's further away from the beach and they have a pool and stuff there so that's also pretty chill.
And the night out was interesting to say the least. but a lot of fun. We ended up in the only night club open on a Wednesday night which you had to pay to get into (about 2000 colones, $4) and was the only place in Costa Rica I got ID'd. But it was free drinks once you were in, well I say in it was all open roofed/on the beach. And though I say Jaco is touristy this was full of locals with some tourists mixed in which was pretty nice.
And then thanks to some low quality alcohol (it was all free so...) and about 4 hours sleep, a lot of sunburn, and then being accidentally fed cheese (which v intolerant to) I spent the whole of the next day asleep in a hammock feeling like poop. Self inflicted mostly though so I excpect no sympathy. Not that i need it I just slept and enjoyed a day chill.
I aaalso have a video of Jaco which is mostly me running around in the sea but you should check it out for them chill beach vibes. Also Subscribe for more of my Costa Rica videos and my South East Asia ones when I get back.
Speaking of South East Asia, it's only three days until I leave for India and that's both scary and extremely exciting. I'm going to be away for two months but I do have blogposts scheduled for the whole time I'm away so no worries there. Hope you enjoyed this post and see ya on the flipside.
Thanks for reading!