Well, not together, that would be uber cool though. These photos are actually from two separate trips in Costa Rica which I thought would be too small on their own. The First photos are from Los Chorros Carataras (the chorros waterfalls) and the second set are from San Jose. Weird to think this post is going live while I'm in Nepal, crayze and exciting stuff.

Los Chorros Carataras were just stunning, oh my gosh. It was like being in one of my fantasies, it was everything I imagined a waterfall in a tropical country would be. Well I wasn't excpecting the water to be that cold but other than that it was everything I'd dreamed of. And I didn't think I'd be getting under a waterfall in my first trip out alone but dreams come true. Is it weird that was a dream I didn't see as achievable in the near future? I dunno.
Here was the cleanest I'd felt for a month, the showers at the Sanctuary were decent enough but they were like a hose spraying a bit of cold water at you. This was just a surge of beautiful freshness, slightly painful freshness, mmmmm.
Basically this day was one of the most perfect in Costa Rica, a dog guided us down from the car park to the waterfalls (yeah he literally started walking and waited for us and took us down there it was the best). Then we got into the first waterfall; chilled in the sun and ate some snacks; ventured over to the second waterfall a few times; went and ate some lunch and played card games; walked back up and played some more card games; and finally went home. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Oh I want to be back there but I'm sure I'm having fun in Nepal (I mean c'mon it's Nepal).

And then a rather random second set of pictures of San Jose. I didn't actually take many photos when in San Jose due to being paranoid about getting my camera out and not really getting the chance (as I was either there trying to find a bus or it was rlly busy) so it's an odd assortment.
Fits well as San Jose is an odd city, and by that I mean theres really random art work from an Anne Frank to a John Lennon Statue. Then a Chinese style gate which you think will lead to a chine town but there isn't one? A really odd mix of buildings and yeah it was weird.
There was some pretty cool art too and I loooved the art market I could've shopped all day in there. The only problem being how freaking expensive it is in Costa Rica it's literally the same price as the UK so I didn't buy as much as I wanted to. Plus San Jose was a lot colder than any of the other places I stayed which was so nice and refreshing and you weren't sticky and sweaty all the time which is always a plus plus plus from me.
I have more of San Jose on video so if you want to see more then I have the videos from that and the waterfalls, happy watching.

Hope you enjoyed this instalment of the Costa Rica posts, next post is all about gender and that stuff, which will be up next Friday, enjoy your week and thank's for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this post.
Thanks for reading!