I'm a flawberry, but that's part of being human. 
Ok that was really soppy and all the rest but when i was editing these pictures I didn't really like most of them and was thinking what to name them and for some reason I was like "strawberry" even though I am not wearing anything to do with strawberries, but instead I said flawberry, beccause they're not what I wanted and I didn't have time to take more as I'd left everything to the last minute but hey, I like a few of them quite a bit and that's enough. I ain't perfect.
Also I've decided to stop taking myself so seriously when it comes to taking photos and just have some fun, hence the really weird portrait, it's goofy but so am I so it fits. For me I just want to find new ways and better ways of taking photos and editing and getting better, rather than trying to make myself someone else and try and be this vision of what I think fashion bloggers should look like in their photos. That's not me, I'm a goofball who's photogenicness is hit and miss so I'm going to just embrace that and enjoy it. This blog is about photography and fashion, not trying to make me look like a supermodel or a carbon copy of any other blogger.

Dress - Vintage
Top - Urban Outfitters
 On another note I'm really impressed with how well this dress fits. I went to a kilo vintage fair last month and got some pieces for about a fiver each, didn't try any of them on and they all fit juust right. It was meant to be,
Well that is until I put a wool shirt that I'd bought in the wash (top tip, don't wash wool if you want it to stay the same size) and it shrunk. Before it was the most perfect fitting skirt 'd ever had and after it would barely go over my butt and wouldn't do up. I proceeded to try and walk in it and managed to split it all the way up the back. Cry.
I have however seen tutorials online on how to restretch wool that has shrunk so definitely going to try that when I'm back home. Plus the split is totally fixable. Though if anyone has tried restretching wool lemme know if it's worked, and any tips you may have because I don't want to destroy it more.
That's it for this week, hope you're all having a lovely week and I'll see you guys next week for an equally weird ootd. Yeah another set of photos that didn't quite go to plan.