So this is my last blog post before I come back from Costa Rica, I'm writing it less than 12 hours before I leave for Costa Rica after writing 6 other blog posts (which was very tiring but worth it). It seemed appropriate that the photoset be from a beach, ok not a beautiful sunny beach with blue water but it's the beach in mu home town which is also cool.
The light the day I took these photos was idyllic, and ok the sky could have been blue and not washed out buuut I live in Wales so could I really excpect blue sun and sky? No, even on St Davids day I couldn't (which was back on March 1st if any of you guys didn't know).
So I head back from my six weeks in Costa Rica on Monday which is ridiculous but also exciting, I imagine I'm looking forward to being home but also just wanting to spend the rest of my life lying on a beach. Who can blame me.

 So yet mroe photos of me goofing around in front of the Camera, which I honestly enjoy a lot. I spent like an hour jumping off things and running around the beach, all for the sake of photography of course. And maybe for feeling like I was 5 again just a little bit,
Also not an outfit I'd usually chose to photography but it is super comfy and who doesn't want to wear a t shirt with a giant alien on the front? I know you secretly do don't lie.
Buut that's it for now, hopefully the first of my Costa Rica posts will be up before too long and you'll get to enjoy lots of pictures of sloths and rainforest and beaches. Anyway I hope you're having a lovely week, until next time.
Thanks for reading!