It's finally here, and just a warning that this is a picture heavy post so could take a lil while to load especially if you're on mobile.
Back at the end of December me and my sister went to Barcelona for a long weekend and it was super super beautiful. Despite the fact it was the end of December it was about 18 to 20 degrees the whole time we were there and beautifully sunny which was a big change from back in Wales. And as usual I took a lot of photos and did a little video too so enjoy. Oh and don't forget to click on panoramic pictures to see them in full detail.
La Sagrada Familia

 Casa Museu Gaudi
 Gaudi Hotel

 Gaudi Park
 Museum of Contemporary Art
 Barcelona National Museum
 Our trip was very Gaudi themed, mainly because originally my mum was supposed to come on the trip (but sadly couldn't) and she loves a bit of Gaudi. It's the second time I've visited Barcelona and it's so lovely. What stood out was the views, there were a lot of rooftops we visited or places high up and we just got so many wonderful views of the city. There's more of me talking about Barcelona and specifically what we did and where we went in my video below. Enjoy!
I'm also now almost one week into my trip in Costa Rica which is super exciting so sorry if I don't get back to comments.
Thanks for reading!