This is a day late, my bad. I was busy packing for Costa Rica yesterday and it completely skipped my mind that this post was supposed to be out yesterday. But it's here now and I'm also writing all my other posts for the next 6 weeks, So check back every Friday and there will be a new post! I'll try and keep social media somewhat updated but I have no idea how much internet I will have so that could be difficult.
In other news, I don't think the universe wanted me to take pictures of this dress. From work to rain to putting my camera's remote in the washing machine (twice), every time I went to take pictures in this dress something went wrong. But I had to because it's so pretty, I wore it out for a party back in December (wow that was actually a while ago), and it was so cool to walk round in, Things with capes are my ultimate favourite so I couldn't say no to a dress with a cape.
It's also the first piece of white clothing I have ever owned (apart from school shirts). Big stuff.

Boots - Linzi Shoes
My flash really wasn't agreeing with my that night though. I couldn't get it to work properly and I was cold and slightly shitting myself because I could hear things rustling in the trees. But because of the mess up I got pictures I wouldn't have anyway and I think they're cool. Shooting with flash is never easy, especially when it's just me taking the photos of me in the dark at night down some creepy steps. I do not recommend you doing this, take a friend, Don't reckless and silly like I was.
I did actually have like 7 inch heels to shoot this dress with but they were too restricting if I did have to run from a serial killer so I kept with the boots.
Also yes I have changed my hair again, I wanted it blonde so it was easy to manage while I was away but the hairdresser bleached it and because of the violet shampoo I've been using it went green. So now I have blonde roots and slightly green the rest of my hair. I like it, I didn't even want to be blonde and I guess my hair agreed.
Come say hi again next Friday as my travel diary from Barcelona (including a video diary) are going to be up. Exciting stuff.
For now I go back to writing all the posts coming up and get more and more excited for the fact I am flying to Costa Rica tomorrow; it still doesn't feel real.
Thanks for reading!