Heeelloo pretty people, the posting once a week is working. I have 4 sets of photos to take (and edit) in the next 8 days so that I have enough posts for when I'm away but I believe I can do it.
Fun fact, this post was taken two days after this one, and my hair is a completely different colour. It's been doing magical transformations in colour every time I've washed it for the last 6 weeks. Though it is now green, that was an accident. I was going back to blonde (which I was super sad about) and my hair decided it didn't want to do that and went green. It's interesting. I like it though.
I have also found a new found love for hats, mainly because my roots have been a mess recently. Though a small problem if I don't own any beanies like this and have been borrowing them from my parents. Though this one (which I didn't know when I found it) was one knitted for my dad by my great grandma, so as soon as I got home I put it back as I tend to lose things. This is not something I want to lose. I had a matching one when I was a baby but somehow I don't think it'll fit anymore (I wish).

Skirt - Pull & Bear
Jacket - Vintage
Boots - Doc Marten 

 I really am not sure why I included a picture of me with mud on my hand, I can't remember how it got there though I'm not surprised because it was v v muddy. Why I thought going into a wooded area when it had been raining was a good idea but I did, and I'm glad I did.
All my photos recently are weird, but I am finding I like photos like this more as they feel more like me and I feel happier as I take them and after. I'm not trying to be someone else I'm like "fuck it let's be weird and stare into the distance". It's a good feeling. How are your weeks going? I am slightly stressed about the fact I am going to Costa Rica in 8 days but also sloths. So happy times.
Thanks for reading!