Hey guys, I am posting a random mix of posts at the moment, but I kind of like that because I'm wiring different things and photographing differently and generally just widening some skills and trying something new a bit. I mean there was supposed to be an ootd post today however I've been in Bristol the past couple of days and today I slept and went to the doctors and ate a lot. Definitely a bitter sweet day. Bad because I found out from the doctors I may never be able to dive so have to change my travel plans for next year but some good things happened today too so who knows. These things just happen and maybe that's what was meant to be, maybe I'm meant to find something to do that I will enjoy more.
Anyway today's post is photos from a photography course I've been doing recently. These are the 6 final project photos I picked, my theme was looking at taking photos in the dark, kidn of eerie and surreal. A challenge but a good one.

 So these are definitely imperfect, for my course I'm not allowed to edit so didn't do anything major with these; just altered the exposure and brightness. After my course I definitely feel a lot more confident in trying to take photos, both in general and at night. But still struggle taking photos in public or asking people for photos but it's good to have something to work on and a goal.
The first two are definitely my favourites and I took both of them by accident... well that says a lot I guess. For me these photos are about contrasting day to night, although there are not shots of these places during the day (might do that some time) they have the eerie and surreal feeling I have walking around at night I think.
It's also weird(though this is a bit of a tangent), that although these photos aren't of anything significant in my memory they all hold memories for me from when I was taking them. From breaking the lens cap on my camera on a night ramble; to being scared all my stuff was going to get taken standing with my back to my camera for 30 seconds at a time in a lane; to a dog just wandering back and forth and staring at me a bit while I'm sat on a bridge taking photos through the railings. It's the first project I've done taking photos over a couple of weeks, well two months really and I think I like that because each image has it's own little story.
 Either way I hope you enjoy my photos. Also if you are curious about the techniques I used for these photos then I can make a blog post about that if people were interested.
Thanks for reading!