Ello ello, it feels like it's been ages since I've posted an outfit so here is one! It's partly because of the weather, I mean today (when I was extremely hungover and not up to go out and take photos) there was beautiful sunshine yet any other day I want to go out its grey and rainy and pretty damn gross actually. I mean I live in Wales but there have been 2 sunny days since October and it's slightly ridiculous.
Despite that when I was taking these photos I saw a tree with blossom on it. What is wrong with that tree? Was it ok? Does it know Spring is months away? I mean if it's happy doing that then go tree but I don't think that's healthy.
Oh and on the title, it was kind of a last minute one but clever? Well I mean make your own opinion on that. I was trying to think of jokes to do with trees but I couldn't and I was thinking about trees hibernating and stuff. Basically I get called a tree by some of my friends because I'm very much fuled by sunlight and if I could I would hibernate in the winter when there's no sun. But I would quite like to be an evergreen able to take in enough sunlight all year wrong and not rely on losing all my leaves and going into my little hibernation bubble (i.e being really tired and quite often depressed in winter). So I thought I would try and channel the spirit of an evergreen tree, as fucking weird as that sounds.
That has nothing to do with the pictures, I just wanted to be a bit more creative because I felt they were kinda dull.

Shirt - Chairty Shop
Skirt - Missguided
Scarf - Lylia Rose (Use the code "Quirky" for 20% off your order)
Boots - Doc Marten
Some weirder pictures, I felt like these were kind of boring so I decided to make them more interesting, I'm not entirely sure about one or two of them and I managed to crash photoshop twice doing so but it's something.
Also isn't my scarf the cutest? It's got little tiny embroidered hedgehogs on it and it's so so soft! Also if you fancy a super soft scarf for yourself or a loved one for Christmas then you can use the code "Quirky" for 20% off your order! Exciting times. Maybe I should have named this post around hedgehogs instead... next time.
But now I am off to bed, I had a team building day with my new job yesterday and it just consisted of laser tag and drinking and today I'm exhausted and ache all over so I think I'm going to get enough sleep tonight, especially as I'm going to visit a friend in Bristol tomorrow.
Hope you guys have a good week, see ya in a few days.
Oh and the giveaway winner was picked yesterday and has been informed, just to let you guys know. Sorry it wasn't international and very short but hopefully I'll do one soon that you can all enter!
Thanks for reading!