Agh sorry guys! My every 3 days things has gone, I'll get back to it asap I promise! But I recently got a new job and have worked a 50 hour week and then some, it's been crazy but a lot of fun. So I haven't had any time to blog, which is the sad thing about all this working, because honestly (as corny as it sounds) I've never had a group of people make me feel so welcome, everyone is just so nice to me and it's lovely. Though the long hours have been killing my feet and back and I'm thankful to have a break for a week now. Even better I'm off to Barcelona the day after tomorrow with my sister which will be super exciting (and I will be vlogging it all so stay tuned for that.
But for now something Christmasy and a bit late, the lovely people at Farfetch gave me a Christmas gift which was Vivienne Westwood Giftwrap which was super cool, plus a little design book so I'm gunna talk about that today.

 Super cool right? I mean they're not overly Christmassy but I love that too, I love Christmas but they make a cool alternative Christmas wrapping, and alternative is something I'm all for. Plus as it's Vivienne Westwood that makes it even cooler.
I mean it these could easily have been used as posters, they were the right format and it crushed me to cut them to use to wrap more presents but it had to be done, as they are designed as wrapping I thought I'd use them as that. And my sister, my bother in-law and my mum were pretty impressed with it too so win win win.
Though my wrapping isn't the best, I mean I love wrapping presents and I can see me when I'm older having a wrapping paper collection (that sounds really lame but it's all so pretty I always just want to buy all the wrapping paper). Plus I'm sure I'll get better with time, I hope anyway.
Farfetch also sent me this super cool book as an early Christmas present. Which just features some uber cool designs from furniture to buildings, my favourite was definitely the Bus Stops in Krumbatch, I mean if they were in the UK i think they'd get destroyed pretty quickly but they would be awesome to have anyway.
But yeah, that's it for me today, Merry Christmas (if you're reading this on Christmas and celebrate it) and Happy Holidays to everyone! Hope you enjoyed this little post and see you all in a few days. Hope you're all having a lovely time.
Thanks for reading!