Yo yo pretty people, writing this as I double check I have everything ready to fly to Barcelona this evening and when this is published I will be in Barcelona, exciting times. I will be back to regular ootd posts sometime soon but the weather hasn't been there for it recently, so  studio stuff has gone on, especially as I've been working a lot. And today I have another beauty post (I'm turning into a beauty blogger here) with reviews of Billion Dollar Brows kits.
Previously only available through salons in the UK they are now available in Boots stores and they were kind enough to send me two of their kits to review. A little disclaimer, I'm not amazing at doing my brows (though I am getting better) so if you do know how to do brows then you can probably do better things with these kits than I have. But I'm just telling you mainly what I think of the products.
Previous to this I really only used a brow pencil to do my brows, or a shadow brow kit so it was my first time trying products like these.
Oh and as a plus Billion Dollar Brows are vegan friendly, that's definitely a plus.

First of all here's a picture of me with no brow makeup on just for comparison.

 Then first up on the kits is the 60 Seconds to Perfect Brows kit. A simple kit with a dual ended brush and a powder. This is the sort of thing I'm used to using on my brow, a brush to sculpt and one to add the colour. Though I found the dark brown a little too dark for my liking they do a light brown and a blonde powder too so I think one of these would've suited me better.
But this is the perfect little kit for quick brows, ideally it would've also had a highlighter with it because even if I'm doing my brows in 60 seconds I highlight, or use a skin tone shade to lighten the dark colour of the powder (which I have done in the past if that shade is too dark for me).
But it does exactly what it says on the tin, the brow brush is a good shape and yeah, a nice product.
Below are the finished brows.

Next up is the Best Sellers Kit, this is a more comprehensive  (and also more expensive kit) with all the things you need for perfect brows. Buying this kit as a whole is a lot lot cheaper than buying all the pieces individually but you can also buy the pieces on their own.
This I'll do in steps and review each piece individually.

Step 1: is the dual Universal Brow pencil, which has a spoolie brush and a pencil (though I'd say it's more of a crayon). It's a twist pencil so you don't have the hassle of sharpening it and it's designed to be put on softly and then used to build up colour, which does work.
Again, for me this colour was a little too dark, even when applying lightly it was still a brown colour and I look for something more blonde, but I liked the idea of being able to layer up my brow colour easily. I'd probably buy this again for myself if I could get it in a blonde tone as the brown was just too dark.
If you like crayon style pencils then this is definitely a good buy though, the layering technique does work well, you can use it to create a very natural brow and as a bonus you don't have to sharpen it. 
 Step 2: is the Brow Duo Pencil; a double pencil with highlighter and concealer. This pencil has a lot more of a gel consistency than most makeup pencils I'm used to using but it depends on your personal preference again. For me I prefer using a powder highlighter and I find it's a lot easier to incorporate into eye-shadow already on my face but the pencil definitely gives a lot more of a defined highlight. I do really light the highlighter on this pencil.
The concealer however, not so much. The kit claims tow work with all hair colours and skin tones but the concealer really doesn't. I have a quite yellow skin tone and so the concealer just looks very unnatural and orange on me, and I can't imagine what it would look like on someone with dark skin so I don't think the concealer fits the whole "works for every skin tone" thing and I don't see an option for a darker version. So the concealer gets a no from me.

 Step 3: The smudge brush, not too much to say about this. It does exactly what is says on the tin and worked well to smudge out the highlighter. Though because of the concealer's coour it didn't really blend out well, oopsies.

 Step 4: Last up is the Brow gel, I've never actually used a product like this before but I liked it. Easy to apply and it not's too sticky on contact. it dries quickly and my brows stayed put. I even (as a test) wore my brows to bed and there they were the next morning still looking a-ok. Would buy again.
And here is my finished brows (also see the first picture of this post) for some reason I don't bothered to take pictures like this for my final brow, enjoy.
Overall I am a fan of both the brow kits, though I don't think the Best  Sellers Kit quite fits it's claim of working for all hair colours and skin tones, it's not quite that versatile. Though as
I've said you can buy a lot of the products seperately if some don't quite fit your skin tone or brow colour, I mean I'll definitely be putting that brow gel and the highlighter into my brow routine and I might even get myself the blonde brow shadow. And it's definitely a plus that their products are vegan.
As I said before Billion Dollar brows are now available in Boots stores and Boots.com so head over for your brow fix, and thank you Billion Dollar Brows for letting me try you guys out.
Thanks for reading!
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