Hey hey pretty people. Today I'm playing at being a beauty blogger. Which I'm not in any way, but I gave it a go. The photos didn't turn out how I wanted but it's a good attempt (I have done some beauty posts before a loong time ago).
I saw Makeup Revolution had lipsticks for £1 and thought what have I got to lose, I loved the colours and even if they were no good it wasn't a lot of money lost. So I got 10 listicks for £12 including postage, not bad. I did accidentally buy two of the same shade though, so if I do a giveaway soon that'll be part of it.

So here the back 5 are the Unicorn's Unite colours and the front are Atomic. I love all the colours, but I'm not sure I can pull some of them off.
So these are the magnificent colours on my lips. I'd definitely say that the consistency of Atomic is a lot different to Unicorns unite, it feels creamy and like a proper lipstick whereas Unicorns unite are more like a shimmer. Also the Atomic lipsticks all smelt really nice and felt nice on. Unicorns unite on the other hand were a harder lipstick you kind of had to work to get the colour out. 
Ruby and Serpent were definitely the best lipsticks, they went on and had a good consistency and great colour. Whereas Make me Tonight was quite patchy, though I love the colour and am definitely going to get a higher price lipstick of that. Make me Magnificent was a but eh for me, the colour didn't really suit so that's just personal I guess.
I definitely think there's a place for the Unicorns unite shades but I'm not sure they work well on their own, maybe with a lip primer or added onto a matte shade they could really pop though.
Myth felt kind of like a lipbalm and it was a nice subtle colour. Throne also worked with my lip colour to just add a bit of colour. The other Unicorns Unite shades did look a bit odd on and a little patchy. But like I said they'd work well with another lip product. 
The staying power definitely varied from lipstick to lipstick though, With serpent and ruby being at the top again but they're not long lasting lipsticks really (though on my arm they wouldn't come off).
 I did also have arm swatches but I decided they're so bad that I'm not going to bother with them. Oopsies, sorry about that.
Are they worth it?
These lipsticks are definitely worth the £1 that they cost. Whether it's for one off wear for a party or Halloween or you just want to try a shade before you commit to buying a more expensive product. I am going to wear serpent out though;  I love the shade so much! Plus it looks good on, and I'll find a more expensive alternative when I have the money for one.

So let me know what you guys thought of my first proper beauty post. I mean the pictures could do with work and I needed arm swatches but... oh well I tried! And Makeup Revoltuion just brought out an Iconic pro range... might have to try that soon.
Thanks for reading!