No I haven't suddenly changed my hair back to blonde, these pictures are from a while ago. I actually took them for a Magazine but they never got my email and so I never got to be a part of it. But things come back and I should be in their February issue instead (fingers crossed) but of course I want to take a whole bunch of new pictures and have a new challenge and so you guys get to see these images.
Originally I was going to try and make temporary tattoos from flowers (using this tutorial here) but decided to leave it till the day before I wanted to take my pictures to look at the tutorial. Realising that I needed to use pressed flowers and well they take more than over night to press, so I improvised by taking some photos of flowers and using a bit of photoshop.
I tried to do these sort of more editorial style so I changed my clothes up a bit. Hope you like them!

 Turtle Neck Top - Urban Outfitters (Similar here, here)
Cold Shoulder Top  - Urban Outfitters (similar here, here, plus size)
Chequered skirt - Cheap Monday @ Urban Outfitters (similar here)
PVC skirt - Missguided 
I actually really enjoyed making and editing these pictures, I love doing something different when taking my photos so I'm excited to try something like this again. And hopefully do it better next time, as I had no idea what I was doing with these I just kind of made it up as I went along.
You guys have already seen one of the outfits worn in this post on here but there might be full posts of another, I mean who knows what the future holds.
My every 3 days thing is still working (huzzah)  though I nearly forgot to post this, was a bit engrossed with Civ V (gave up on Beyond Earth because it won't stop crashing). Now only my homework for my photography course and back to Civ I think.
I hope you enjoyed this post, lemme know if you want to see more like this from me. Next post will be me playing at being a beauty blogger for a bit, should be good.
Thanks for reading!