Hello lovely people, today I am back with another outfit post. I was going to do one of my Halloween costume but I haven't actually tried it out yet (and therefore it could all go horribly wrong tomorrow).
Of course as it is autumn I had to do a stereotypical fashion blogger autumn psot with the leaves and the colours and everything. Just to get it all out of my system. I mean I love autumn, well to be honest I love every season, I just love seasons and how everything changes and the mood that goes along with it from cosyness to new beginnings to evenings out in the sun it's all perfect to me.
But back to autumn and this post, yes I have won this hat and all out and I get some weird looks out in my big hat. But it's actually really handy, because I have really sensitive eyes and when the sun is low in the autumn evenings I can use my hat to shade my eyes, It all works until it's windy and then me and the hat don't get on very well.
Also these shorts are greaaat, I don't think they suit me amazingly but I love just swishing around with the tassels. Plus they're so soft, hurrah for faux suede.

Hat - Stall at Greenman (similar here, here)
Leather Jacket - ? (Similar here. here)
Jumper - Urban Outfitters 
Fringe Shorts -  Missguided (similar here)
Bag - Marrakesh Stall
Right, gotta be quick to get this up before midnight, it's always a struggle but I'm still on schedule. Today it's not because I was doing everything last minute (the photos were ready) it's just I was at my work's end of season meal, which was lovely, and before that teaching piano, and before that at work. So it's been a bit of a busy day to be fair.
A post with minimal makeup though, not something I've done for a while. Though I have no idea why me face looks quite so pale, must be the hair. Buut that is going to change soon! It's getting too blonde again so it's going a different colour soon. Home dyeing, could be horrific but it's always worth a go. It'll be a laugh either way.
Also isn't my watch the coolest? It was between this and a constellation one but I love the moon, only problem is it's very easy to put upside down...
Anyways that's it from me for today, see you guys on the other side of the weekend, have a great one!
Thanks for reading!