Hey pretty party people! I honestly wasn't sure I was going to do an outfit post today as I had to go and do the photos today and well it was gross for photo taking! Yesterday it was grey and foggy but today was just grey... but then I looked at the forecast and it's going to rain for the next week! I guess that's what I get for living in Wales, there we go.
I wanted to get a photo of this jacket once more before I try and turn it into a cap I(and probably just end up destroying it) i rarely wear it because it only looks good on me sat on my shoulders so I thought I'd try making a cape out of it. I'll let you know how that goes.
Also this skirt is so cute! So short too, I was cycling in it earlier and I got some weird looks. Just to clarify though I was wearing shorts underneath (well pj shorts as I couldn't find any other ones, I'm a classy gal. I bought it in a charity shop for like £3 and it fits perfectly it's amaze.

Shirt - Missguided 
Skirt - Charity Shop 
Shoes - Linzi  
Some of these photos look like they were taken in studio lighting and I don't know why??? It was really low light actually and my camera was on quite slow shutter speeds so I don't know why it was doing that. Turned out well either way.
Also I know I said i got my cliché blogger autumn leavsy picture out the way last post but I couldn't resist! Yellow and purple are opposite colours so it just fit so well, well I think so anyway.
I honestly can't believed I've kept to the every 3 days thing so far, I'm going to keep going with it but I'm very impressed with myself.
The next time I post will be bonfire night and I'm so excited, it's like my favourite day of the year. Last year I missed it (along with Halloween) because I had chicken pox which was all kinds of nasty. But this year I can actually get dressed up all cosy and go watch some fireworks. It's gunna be great.
Though right now I am very very sleepy so I shall say goodbye for now, see you in a few days! And Happy November too, hope you all had a lovely Halloween
Thanks for reading!