Or don't as the case may be in this post (you'll see what I mean later on in the pictures). Hey hello I'm back this every 3 days thing is going well I;m vv happy about that woo!
These pictures are in a slightly different style to usual, I shot them at home in my Mum's greenhouse which is quite small so it was a challenge! Also if you're wondering about the bubble-wrap it's there because it's starting to get cold and the greenhouse isn't very well insulated so it's for insulation. It looks a little odd I know. But I didn't want to take it all down to take these photos. Plus it makes the light really nice for the photos.
But yeah different in that I had props and stuff. And it's all because of my ah-mazing dino shirt. I've wanted it ever since the whitepepper released it aaages ago but it's taken me until now to pluck up the courage to buy it. And now they've bought out the perfect bag collection with rockets and ufos and clouds and a bat backpack and I don't quite know which one to buy, any suggestions guys?
Speaking of bags d'you like my camera bag? I bought it at a flea market I went to a couple of weeks ago, my Dad picked it up and I was just like "mine yes" I haggled a bit for it and yeah it's mine I love it. Not very practical but it's a nice piece anyhow (I mean half the bags I own aren't practical tbh).

Skirt - Miss Selfridge (Similar here, here)
Shoes - Select Fashion (similar here, here, here)
Bag - Vintage 

I do have other plans for photos involving dinosaurs and this shirt. I have the matching bag and we're going places... I hope. But that's a surprise for another day.
Also as you can see the dinosaurs dinosaurs had enough of me nearly stepping on the and tryna take their pictures that they stole my camera (bag). Oopsies
On another note, what has happened to chairty shops? I went in 6 (my town is a charity shoppers haven) and found only 3 plastic dinosaurs. Is it just me that finds this odd? I thought this was where plastic dinosaurs live? You may notice there are only two in this post, the third had a very un dino grin on his face and I really didn't think he fitted.
Also I had a look online for any other camera shaped bags and couldn't find any! Let me know if you do so I can add some links in. I think it's a super cool idea. I did, however, find a pattern to make one so if you're into D.I.Y then give it a go.
Hope you enjoyed this post, I'll be back with another on the 24th, until then adios.
Thanks for reading!