Hello hello hello! As promised I'm back with another Paris post, this time with the all important ootd post in front of the Eiffel tower. Well not just in front as there were waaay too many people there. In this cute little side street, shame about all the parked cars though. 
Another post with my weird mix of colour hair too, it was a bit of a mess really. My hair is actually currently grey, in case you were interested. 
People were of course walking up this street adn looking at me strangely but I've started to get used to that and embrace it a bit, a nice bit of progress.
Oh and if you want to see my other Paris posts there is an ootd post here, a Cat Cafe post here and a photo diary post here, enjoy!

Cropped Turtle Neck - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Select Fashion (Similar here, here, herein white

I nearly didn't get these photos, we were so tired. Went up the Eiffel tower at about 4 after queueing for about an hour (to be expected) and got down about 7 ish, the queue to get down was horrible. So we were on our way to this street and then to the train station but went to far and then I dragged Anna back to this street because this was one of my aims of Paris, I haad to get pictures by the Eiffel tower. And I'm so glad I did it! And thank you Anna (despite really not wanting to) for coming back to this street with me.
Next post will be a big one, it's my photo diary and video diary from Paris (saved the longest to last) honestly I could split it into at least 5 posts, but I won't as I have other things planned for the near future. But I hope you liked these photos! Will put the video diary on this post once it's up but feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel in the mean time.

Thanks for reading!