I got Halsey's new album today, and I'm waiting on the Wonder Girls' new album. It's a good week for my music taste. The Wonder Girls' new concept is just perfect I wanna be one of them now to be honest and I've listened to the whole album and it amazing.
So you guys have seen my photo diary and my ootd from Pride but here is my ootn from pride, again taken by Anna, again cause they're a babe. I'm trying to smile more in blog psots now I have my braces off and I'm slowly getting used to it, it's much easier when I'm not taking my own pictures.
I wore this to the Pulse after party which was a lot of fun, they had rides and dodgems and stuff. Thought I was going to die on one of the rides but I survied! 
I also got complemented quite a lot on this look so I'm hoping you guys like it too.
Oh and did you notice? I now have my own domain !!!! I am muccycloud.com now!

Shirt - Vintage
Skirt - Ark (Similar here)
Shoes - Amazon

So that is the look, very over the top, very glittery and very purple and wearing my favourite shirt of all time.
Also I made a video about how I got my hair purple if you're interested. I find myself so cringey but it's a start with youtube, I'm actually going to have a video of me speaking and keep it this time as a mark of this is the start. And hopefully make more videos in the future.
Hope you enjoyed the post, and even the video. 
Thanks for stopping by!