Its pretty standard now that my photos don't go exactly to plan. i learn something, and often do something new. Even more so with this set of photos. I was in a boiling hot field wearing heels (bad idea) had a good few stares (as people walked all the way along, rude) and then did somedoodles on my photos (they're not great but it's all good practice).
In all honesty I wasn't going to publish the photos with the drawings on as I just wanted it as practice, I want to get better at doodling digitally and this is the second time I've done it on photos (first time is here) but I thought it would be better if I could look back and see just how much I've improved in that respect in like a years time, well that's the plan anyhow.
So my little doodles aren't the best in the world but I just want them to get better over time, that's the aim anyway,

Shirt - Topshop (similar here)
Skirt - Similar here
Shoes - New Look 
 Considering the weather and how I felt taking these photos (it was boiling and I kept sinking into grass with my heels) they turned out pretty well. And they're a little different to usual, which is always good.
New post will be up in a few days, getting back on track with blogging. Also I have some new stuff planned, as well as a few weekends away coming up that I will photograph/vlog. August is looking good; especially as my birthday is soon :D
Anyway that's it for now as I have work tomorrow and want as much sleep as possible. Hope you guys have a good week!