Life definitely gets the better of me, I have to say. And I keep trying to get round to do blog posts and I always do the photos (I have so many prepared) but somehow getting round to editing and posting is a different story. Every now and again I need a real sort out and to give myself a shake and rearrange my priorities really.
Today I have a photo set from a slightly different location. I went for a picnic the other day with some friends and as they went on the pedalos I went to explore a tiny little indoor tropical garden. I originally thought it was a butterfly house and got all excited but plants, terrapins and really fancy looking ducks are just as exciting.
It was like my own little heaven and I could've stayed there all day, but then my friends decided they wanted to do something else (which ended up as falling asleep watching Wayne's world at my house).
I also have part two of this post up here

Shirt - Thunderegg 
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes and socks - Topshop
I've split my photos from this little trip into two parts, so the first is this one of my outfit and then I have another one for a couple of days time with some photos of the garden itself. 
I really want to go explore more places like this. My mum is really into gardening so she used to drag me round places like this all the time when I was little and I hated it, but now I couldn't be happier to just sit in a garden or greenhouse among the plants. Though admittedly that does sound a bit strange.
Right, now I'm onto writing to do lists again so I remember to get stuff done and have a nice productive week. I hope you all have a lovely week, see you in a bit!
Thanks for reading!