For some reason I was signing that title like lean on me, it seemed to work in my head but now I'm not so sure. But it's sticking as it is.
hello, right I keep promising I'll get back into blogging properly and get a routine but things keep catching up with me and I've had so much changing that it just hasn't happened. But now I have jobs sorted out and some photos I can make into posts I am going to try my very hardest to post every four days. I'm getting my shit together, really and truly.
I took my bike out to take these photos (which broke, again) and as soon as I got to this field and set up my camera it started raining on me. For a while it was pretty heavy so I sat with an umbrella over my camera in a field, as any normal person does. But then I thought, why not take pictures with my very broken umbrella in?
I don't own a non broken umbrella, they usually get three uses and then i break them. Don't ask how. I have no idea and neither has anyone else. Also these are the first photos with my braces off! I tried to smile a bit but I don't really know how to without looking creepy or ill... I'm working on it though.

Shirt - Topshop (similar here)
Skirt - Vintage (similar here)
Socks - Urban outfitters

So I spent the day skipping through fields, not bad. You're going to be seeing a lot of this skirt, I wear it all the time. My family call it a granny skirt but I love it. I don't have many long skirts and this is perfect for most weathers and works for work so it's a win win win situation.
Right I'm off to bed now as I have a day tomorrow with digging at my Nan's allotment and teaching piano. I'm now keeping a to do list for each day as I've found without oen I don't have much to look forward to in a day and tend to just do nothing. i mean that's ok once in a while but I've already had 6 weeks of summer and I've spent most days like that.
Working 5 days in a row next week and I've only done 4 shifts so far so that should be interesting. Put back in my account the money I spend today clothes shopping though. What can I say, urban outfitters was having 20% off all sale items and they had a skirt I wanted down from £50 to £7 and then I found a skirt I've wanted for ages from a vintage store for £5. I quite a bit of money but got a lot for it. 
Ciao for now though lovely people.
Thanks for reading!