Part two of my photos from this little greenhouse (part 1 here). I couldn't bring myself just to put everything in one blog post as I just enjoyed the hour or two I spend here so much. I'm becoming a bit plant obsessed and it's so great. Though I realise now this is a lot of photos of leafy plants. Also there was a little place where the people who kept the garden kept all their stuff and it was sooo cute.

Happy plant times. Aha. I was going to have a video with this post but I ran out of time to edit it so it will probably be with the post after next post. My next post will hopefully be a photo diary from Cardiff Pride which I also want to do a video diary from. Agh I'm busy, I always give myself so much to do and then end up only doing half of it. But I'm enjoying myself so that's all that matters I suppose, and now I have my results it's one less thing to worry about!
Hope you enjoyed my post, I'll see you next time.
Thanks for reading!