Hey guys how is your week going? I actually have some exciting news, my top brace is off! Woop woop, I am now with straight teeth and no brace and it feels so nice! I can smile in pictures and I don't look weird when I take any more. Happy times, this means I'm probably going to start my main youtube channel sometime soon now too but I'm not entirely sure what video to do first...
Today I have my photo diary from when I was in Kavos a few weeks ago, there's a mix of photos here with some beach and some of Corfu town. They'll all be up individually on flickr soon so if you want details of where each one is taken then head over there! 
Even though I promised I would be I haven't been that active over the last couple of weeks due to being ill and generally not very motivated to do anything, But I'm starting to get some motivation so hopefully if it stops raining I should have some outfit posts and I also have a photography project planned so stay tuned for that!

 I guess I struggled a bit with photos this trip, firstly because I was using a camera I wasn't used to that didn't even have a view finder! and secondly as there weren't too many chances for macro and I'm not the best at landscape style photos. But I'm pleased with how these turned out and in future photo dumps (when i get round to editing more photos) you may see some more photos from Corfu. Click on the panoramas for the best look at them! One is pre sunrise and the other is post sunrise.
Also new in my life is I've become a vegetarian. Well I'm trying to go vegan but at the moment I'm still eating egg, it's not as hard as I thought it was going to be but there are challenges where I didn't expect them (like soya and milk in every vegetarian and vegan product) but I guess I'll update you with how that goes.
Oh and I have a video diary of this trip too, not as good as my last video diary but it's my first time videoing away like this so I think it was a pretty good first attempt myself. Hope you enjoy..
Thanks for reading!