Hey again lovelies, another scheduled post from Kavos, though I am back tomorrow. This is more of a photo diary, last week I went out for shopping in London and afternoon tea for my Grandma's eightieth Birthday and it was lovely so I thought I'd share some pictures with you.
First we went to Liberty of London and it was so fancy and expensive. There was one bodice I wanted which was actually reduced from £300 to £80 but I still couldn't afford that, oh well!

Ok so the lighting in Fortnum and Mason was a bit weird hence my photos came out weird, sorry about that. Honestly t twas the nicest thing I've ever had. I'm allergic to milk so I'm used to weird tasting substitutes but here everything tasted super buttery (but also very rich) and I expected to feel at least a little sick afterwards but nothing. I had this green tea called gunpowder and bought a load to bring home because it was really lovely.
You don't expect a few sandwiches and cake to be filling but I was stuffed afterwards! I also had some very lovely food at Camden lock before hand which may have helped with the fullness. I recommend Camden lock is you ever visit London, the food is amazing and there's plenty of vegan stuff (if you like vegan food) plus there's so many great food stores.
But yeah, lovely day in London, didn't buy anything except tea but that's probably best as I know I'm probably spending a lot in Corfu right now. Back soon and I will probably have a vlog up soon of Corfu and photo diary of that. Fun times, fun times. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I best be off as I'm scheduling this and I have to leave in two hours.
Thanks for stopping by!