Back with an outfit post! It's been a while since I've done my usual outfit post during the day photos. Not that these photos are usual, in face there are some weird ones. But yes back in the full swing. I mean I say back I'm actually in Corfu at the moment and this is on a schedule but you know what I mean! Also I've really started enjoying Halsey's music recently. I've seem some stuff she's said on twitter and on tumblr and I've admired her for a while but only started listening to her music this week, it's very me.

Floral Shirt - Glamorous// Shirt - Missguided// Shorts - Topshop// Boots - Primark//
Finally back to posts with lots of pictures and going on adventures to find locations! Couldn't be happier right now. Well I probably am this instant, sat on a beach or getting ready to go out but that's even better! This floral shirt is so beautiful, I had a 50% off voucher for glamorous and bought so much, including my summer ball dress which is all very exciting. My summer ball is the day after we get back so that should be good too. Lots of lovely things.
Oh and if you've seen my last post you'll see I have my first youtube video up on my vlogging channel (muccycloudvlogs) and I should have another one once I'm back from Kavos. Lots and lots of exciting stuff all round.
Hope you're all having a lovely week and if you want to see what I'm up to in Kavos you can wait for a vlog or go follow my instagram where I should have updates. Also if you're looking for shoes check out my wishlist post from escapeshoes. Until next time.
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