It's been a week, I'm sorry I did promise. But I have been really ill, thank you being super tired after holiday and just catching everything going. I feel rough still but am getting there and found the motivation to edit pictures rather than just playing sims all day. Next I just have to find the motivation to go out and take more pictures!
These are from I was in Kavos, thanks to the beautiful Becca for taking them. I have a photodiary and videodiary up too, took me a while to edit I know!
These photos were taken on the road down to the beach which was a two minute walk from our hotel, it was so pretty! Though admittedly the beach wasn't the nicest, being in the party place it is.
It also still hasn't hit me that I'm done with school forever, and the next year is just mine, I think I'm a bit in shock because I had all these plans and I'm sat here not having a clue what to do with myself. Though hopefully I'll get into the swing of things soon, I have a gap yeat to plan.

Top - D.I.Y// Shorts - Glamorous// 
Not too many pictures as we didn't take too many, we were just about to go out I think so photo taking wasn't the priority!
This top was the first D.I.Y project I've done and I do plan to spend a lot of my summer doing more, so much stuff I want to do. Hopefully I'll fit some in. I would've put the source to more of my outfit but I honestly can't remember where I got them, the shoes are by Caterpillar though, I think...
For now its back to editing... or sims, I really need to kick this sims addiction and get on with life, oopsies. Hope you enjoyed this post!
Oops, forgot to put a title first, my brain is not on earth right now...
Thanks for stopping by!