I have to say as far as my great ideas go, the way I went about scouting out a place to take these photos was not one at all. I mean I decided to go and explore a wooded area near my house, which no one ever goes in... for a reason. It had just been raining too and everything was slippery. As this wooded area is on a hill I nearly fell flat on my face in the mud a fair few times and got a bit stuck more than once. Then panicked and got out of where I was as fast as possible. Oops.
But then (when I was back on firm, flat, paved ground) I saw a fence that was twisted out of shape from it's post at one point and growing into a tree at another. I made another great decision to climb up a very steep and slippery bit of hill to get where I was for these photos. it worked out in the end!
I don't really think these photos show how steep it was, or quite how muddy my shoes were, but that's the magic of photography I guess.

Shirt - Grin @ Affleck's Palace// Leggings - Topshop// Boots - Car Boot sale//Belt - Charity Shop//
I feel like these photos make it seem like I'm on a path through the trees that leads somewhere, again that's just the photos. This was just a steep bit, kind of a cliff, that just leads up to more steepness.
Also when I bought this shirt I didn't notice the little denim elbow patches, i got it home and was like "aww how cute I love it". I just saw a grey corduroy shirt (yes I am a big fan of corduroy) for a tenner and went "yep mine I'll take that please and thank you". It's a nice tough, but because the shirt is so oversized on me you don't really notice as the patches either cover half my arm or the sleeves are rolled up.
Weird photos all in all, I have to say. Lemme know what you think below, if you want.
I should be posting more regularly now as I'm getting into the swing of revision and am using going out and taking photos as a break/me time. I hope all of your weeks are going well and if you celebrate Easter you have a lovely one. If not just have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading!