It's that time of year again! Well it was technically yesterday (oops) but as you can tell I haven't been very active here lately. But I have some plans for the future so it will go ahead and I think me posting about once a week is still going pretty well...
But yay my blog is two!!! Little baba blog taking it's first step to becoming something, at least I think that. Well it is definitely something and has been for a while now! In the lasst year my blog has changed theme a couple of times, I've changed style and uped my game a bit, taken things more seriously and also less so. I've improved my editing ridiculously and definitely have more of a handle with my camera. Things are going well!
But if you were here last year for my blogiversary you'll know that I do a bloopers post (if you were than thank you for staying here for 1 year plus!!) . Last year there were 120 of you following me and now it's up to almost 380 of you guys following! Of course it's not just about followers though I have been more active in the community (though not in the last month I do apologise), and I've found inspiration and growth though blogging these past two years.
 When I started this blog back in 2013 I never thought it would become such a bit part of my life but I know this time next year it will probably be even bigger in my life. So thank you all for being a part of this, even if you're jsut reading this and not stopping by any more!
Enough soppyness onto what you're really here for! The links under the photos lead to the blog post.

Have you ever seen so uch attractive in one post?? Honestly these look better edited than they do unedited, somehow editing the makes them look finished and you kind of take longer to notice what's happening in the photo with my face.
Honestly I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read my blog, who follows my blog and who comments and likes the things I do on here. Even when I sometimes don't believe in my own capabilities you guys give me a boost I sometimes really need. 
I think it is important to laugh at yourself and not take yourself and everything yo do too seriously which is why I do these posts, to reflect on all the hard work I've done for the blog this last year and also to giggle at some of the photos that haven't quite gone to plan...
Unfortunately there are a chunk of photos missing because I have no idea where I saved the photos form those posts??? They have to be somewhere... this has reminded me how much I need to file all my photos properly, ooooops!
Anyway I really hope you've enjoyed my blog and the posts so far and I'm looking forward to what the future holds for me and this little blog.
Thanks for reading!