Banana loaf cake is a beautiful creation, Tesco do one that's both milk and soya free and I'm convinced it's been send from heaven just for me (jk, I'm not really a believer of an afterlife in that sense). But it is seriously amazing, I'm probably going to get sick of it soon though with the amount I'm eating. I can't do moderation when it comes to foods I really love I just eat and eat and eat them until I decide I'm sick of them. But at the moment I have so much love for Banana loaf cake (and because I had no other ideas) I title this post that.
It's been five days again, oops, I'm sorry guys! Almost six seeing as it's almost midnight. I did mean to post yesterday but I was quite hungover and tried. But there is good news, my Galaxy Chic eyeshadow palette arrived! So I should be making some youtube videos on Thursday! Woop woop! I mean I already have one filmed but that's going to wait until I have my other two planned ones it. It's such a beautiful palette but I'm going to have to get some proper primer tomorrow so I can get it looking super pigmented and sparkly on my lids. Fun times.

Crop top - Primark// Mesh Dress - Shoes - Kerol D.//
Lotus and Gem Rings - Chxrmed//

This ensemble is a slightly strange on in that I'm wearing a mesh dress underneath a crop top and on top of a bodycon skirt. But I like it, it works. Also I decided to stick rhinestones on my arm, I was going to go with them on my face but I didn't think it fit. I think that also works.
These shoes just make me want to jump, I was walking up some steps with a friend earlier and I kept jumping up to the next one and apparently looked really odd; no change there though.
I wore this outfit out on Valentine's day (well I had a Galentine's day at a friends as I'm not fussed on soppy lovey dovey stuff) and i got some odd looks, I was really disappointed though as the supermarket I went to no longer sells really cheap instant noodles, they're the best! I'll just have to stock up next time I'm in a larger one I guess. I ate way too much that night anyway, didn't really need instant flavoured noodles too.
Anyway, enough of me rambling, in a couple posts time  will probably do a review of the Galaxy Chic palette which I know so many people have done but I have been wanting this palette for forever. I might just do stills of the looks I make for the video. Who knows.
For now I am going to bed as I get this post in just before midnight (so it has been 5 days not six, hah!)
Thanks for reading!