Well my internet browser wants me to change instagram to pentagram but there we go. Happy March! And Happy St David's day! I have fond memories of the start of march dressing in my traditional little Welsh girl outfits as a kid and then some really bad school Eisteddfod later in life. But now I do nothing for it and it's a little bit strange to be honest. Maybe I can next year, but I might be half way across the world then so that would be a bit odd.
Well I am doing something I guess, I am posting my instagram photos from February. Hurrah! It's been an odd month, February always seems to be a bit of a limbo month that's over very very quickly. Not too much has happened but I've managed to take a lot of photos which is always great.

1. My mum went baking mad for the day// 2. Much needed chips on the way home// 3. I got an interview at Sheffield!// 4. Totoro inspired outfit post from here// 5. The Chemistry buildings in Cardiff are beautiful// 6. Anna's bed is so pretty// 7. When you feel good you gotta take selfies// 8. Pretty pretty sunsets// 9. From this outfit post// 10. Misty mornings// 11. Beautiful coat also from this post// 12. Drawing mandalas// 13. From this outfit post// 14. More pretty sunsets// 15. Got back inao Animal Crossing// 16. A really great Galentine's day// 17. Potato salad is life// 18. Sunsets over the city// 19. Outfit post here, layering up//20. Pineapple bun hair// 21. More photos of misty mornings.// 22. This shirt goes well with my hair, so selfies// 23. Vegan blueberry brioche Chelsea bun was glorious// 24. Stormy skies, it's so rainy at the moment// 25. It's starting to get so light!// 26. Fuzzy face editing from this post// 27. Pretty big trees// 28. Museum doors are so pretty// 29. This skirt is so pretty, but it likes to ride up a lot// 30. Messy glitter eyeliner fotd// 

So there we go! The way I edit my instagram photos has changed quite a bit over February so things are a little miss-matched. they look better in the 3 picture format of mobile instagram but it's neater to lay it out like this on my blog. I don't know if people like me putting comments for each photo or if you can even track though them but I will do anyway, helps me keep track of what's happening when I want to look back. I hope you all had a lovely February and have an even better March. I will have an outfit post up soon, probably featuring a choker from Esty lingerie (which is seriously cool). So I shall see you then! Let me know if there's any other content you'd like to see from me as I wouldn't mind posting things other than just outfits now and again so let me know if you have any suggestions! Anyways I shall see you guys soon.
Thanks for reading!