Yo pretty people. I've been thinking about gender a lot recently, which I do every once in a while, and have done since I was very little. Which explains the title, this isn't me coming out gender wise, I still identify as female most of the time but there are times, like the other day when I was taking these pictures, where I kind of just give up on gender and want to be more ambiguous gender wise and be more genderless I suppose. I guess it's when I think about gender too much and it all becomes too much and I give up on it a bit and just go "no I don't want one go away, I don't want to be defined by a gender". And I wish I could be more ambiguous gender wise but my face is just to feminine, I worked a bit with makeup in these photos to try and make myself less so but it didn't work too well. Oh well, I tried. It's something to work on for the future.
I've always found gender a bit weird, even since I was a kid and tended to go from one extreme to another in my expression whether I was feminine or whatever. I'd go from wearing nothing but pink and purple and refusing to wear trousers to refusing to wear anything from the "girls section" of clothing and sending all my time in shorts. When I was two my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I was older and I said "A man" because I'd decided that was the easiest thing to be, didn't follow through with that as I got older though.
For now have the outfit, I'll carry on my little gender ramble at the end of the post. It is really a ramble because I'm not sure it makes that much sense, but I don't really know how I feel about the whole gender thing (personally and as a whole) so this is just me trying to in some way I suppose.

Coat - Topshop// Shirt - BDG @ Urban outfitters// Shoes - Car Boot Sale// Jeans - Criminal damage @ Grin//
I think in some ways I find it easier to define myself as female, I'm proud to be a woman, that's how I feel most of the time. But then again it's also easier to be genderless and have people not define you as any gender at all, though they probably still will. I'm really not sure to be honest, feel free to give me your thoughts below. I think it needs some more thought, I mean I'm not too worried about how I define myself to be honest but sometimes I really need to think about it more.
I'm sorry if this post has just confused you, as you can tell I'm very confused (about a lot of things in general) and I kind of just wanted to write down my feelings as this usually makes them easier to sort through. also I wouldn't mind seeing other people's views.
If you've completely ignored most of the text, which is fine I don't mine, I hope you enjoyed my outfit and I shall be back again soon with another one. I'm very pleased with the lighting and colour in these photos, they turned out so nicely. I looked at them on the computer and was sat there in awe like "wow the light diffused perfectly in these shots well done me" well it was an accident but still, nice one me.
As you can tell I just like to experiment with everything: gender, style, photography, science. I'm a bit all over the place but why define yourself when you're happy just trying everything out? That being said I'm pretty set sexuality wise, most of the time I identify as pan or queer so it's fine. 
I'm going off on one again, oopsies. Maybe I'll have to make youtube videos for this soon enough. I will I promise, I've made one but I want to make ones that are more just tutorials and makeup because I upload a more serious one so all that is to come.
I'm going to stop rambling and go to bed now because I'm just making myself more and more confused about things :') Don't do things like this when tired it doesn't tend to end well. For now, good night.
Thanks for reading!