Hey pretty people, how has your week been? Mine has actually been surprisingly productive and I'm getting stuff done, though my motivation has started lagging a bit I'm going to get back onto work tomorrow. Recently fell in love with Hozier, I mean I listened to Take Me To Church a while ago but only just listened to his other stuff and it's all so beautiful. Especially Eden which my title is from.
I froze so much trying to take these photos today, when i first went out it didn't seem too bad but then it was so windy where I was taking photos and by the end of it my hands were completely numb... ooops. It was worth it though,
Coat - Topshop// Dress (worn as top)- Motel// Skirt - Hidden fashion//  

Bought this skirt on amazon, and then found out the seller was a website called hidden fashion where everything is £5 or less, will be buying there again soon. It's a very nice quality skirt. I was expecting it to be the same material as all my other pvc skirts which are quite stiff and not that versatile but this is thinner and a  lot more flexible. Also very much in love with this coat, I am a fan of long coats now I have decided, you can walk along feeling so powerful, it's magical.
My next post will probably be some photography of some kind but I haven't decided what yet, I have a few sets I've done recently and loads of photos still from my Italy trip but I don't know which to post.
Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thanks for reading!